Beyblade Burst Mid ZGT (FAN MADE)

Episode 7: Whatever Happened to the Dead Gran?

After the title match between Aiga and Valt, Phi and Hearts have made it their dedication to having fun battles with the Dead Gran team. Each member took this change differently...

Kyle Hakim decided to join Phi and Hearts and their journey to become the best blader in the world (the right way). Even though the change was very odd to him at first, he accepted it and now he's having fun battles all around.

Evel Oxford easily adapted to the change and has gained a greater resonance with Orb Egis now that he knows the right path through Beyblade is not just science.

Count Night had a really hard time. After seeing the title match, he was about to leave the Dead Gran forever to make a new start. Phi and Hearts surprised him by permanently inviting him to their new Dead Gran team and Evel officially gave him Right/Left Eclipse. He was overjoyed with his new bey that he had a bond with and stopped stealing other people's beys. The reason he would steal beys is because he wanted a powerful bey to defeat his brother, Zac. If he could've beaten Zac, then he would've been more noticed which was all he wanted. After receiving his bey he went to Japan to say hello to his brother and shed a tear during their reunion. Now he's with the Dead Gran, kicking butt with Right/Left Eclipse.

Hearts decided to take the show that he used to torment Aiga with to showcase battles between his fellow team members. Evel beat Kyle and Count Night beat Evel: everyone was enjoying these amazing battles. He was still sad because his Dead Hades was a part of Dead Phoenix now, but he was content with seeing his older brother happy for a good reason and not a bad one...

Phi knew exactly what to do. He went up to Dr. Evel and said "can you make a new Hades for Hearts? I need to give him the chance to be a better blader than I am now." Evel knew and predicted that Phi would ask this which is why he'd already made a replica of Revive Phoenix and Dead Hades. With Evel and Phi working together they made the new Revive Hades and presented it to Hearts.

Hearts just broke down with a few tears and hugged his big bro.

A new blader had just arrived to join the Dead Gran team. As he knocks on the door to their training facility, everyone looks in his direction. "Hello," the new kid says. "My name is Roan Jamieson with my bey Smash Revenge. I have come to join this team!" "HAH HAH," laughs Hearts. "You've got to beat Kyle to join our squad!" Kyle looks over and locks eyes with Roan, squaring him up. "Let's do this!" says Kyle while taking off his mask.

Roan and Kyle both step up to the stadium while the rest of the team watches from the stands. They get ready for battle. "Ready, SET!" shouts Hearts. "3, 2, 1, GO SHOOT!" Roan yells as he pulls on the string at a weird angle. Kerbeus rushes towards the center, preparing to defend with its metal spring chains; meanwhile, Revenge starts to jump around on its Quake driver, preparing for an interesting attack. "What's going on here?" says Kyle frantically. "My bey's driver is like a box that was slashed at an angle," explains Roan. "That's why I put an extra angle when I launched," he says thinking back to that moment. Revenge jumps above Kerbeus, completely avoiding the spring chains. "SMASH DIVE!" Roan shouts. Revenge splits Kerbeus into three distinct pieces when it falls on top of it. Kyle looks in shock as he sees his bey in disarray. "HAH HAH!" laughs Hearts. "I wonder how that bey of yours would fare against my Dead Gravity!"

"Let's put that aside for now," says a voice, coming from the shadows. "Who's there?" says Roan, Hearts, and Phi. "Is that Count Night?" Phi asks. "Umm, hello? On your left?" Count Nights says. The new figure step out of the shadows. "My name is Cyrus and by the sake of the Snake Pit, you will all falter to my bey!" Cyrus yells.

Episode 8: That Atrocious Name Again?
As the new blader Cyrus shows up, Hearts challenges him to a battle with his new Revive Hades but it seems like Cyrus has got a few tricks up his sleeve.
Release date: Probably sometime this week
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