Beyblade Burst: Bridge To Mount Olympus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
[spoiler]"Sorry, what?" Aero said "You're weak" "What made you have the right to say that?" Aid asked "Well, you see. I am a Bey Engineer. But in reality, I'm also a blader." Holden said "What?" Aero confused "Well! Let's test how strong you two really are" "Meet the strongest annihilator. Assault Hologram!" "Wow! That name sounds Legendary!" Aero said. "But anyway, we'll still win. Right Aero?" Aid asked "Definitely!" Aero answered "I'll go first"

"Three! Two! One!"

"Let it rip!"

Athena goes on the outer ring. But Hologram comes in and takes the center. Athena attacks but Hologram doesn't budge a single bit! It's like it's locked with the stadium floor. "Don't give up! Keep attacking!" Aero said. Athena keeps on attacking and attacking. "Just end already..." Holden said. "Athena! Neon Slash!" Athena goes in with Neon Slash and hit! But the only one send flying was Athena itself. "Finish it! Billion Horsepower" Holden said. Hologram spins very fast. And start to make a trail around itself. Athena hits it once and BOOM! Burst Finish!

"How?!" Aero said "Well, you see. Assault Hologram is a Left-Spinning Stamina Type. Designed as a Tall Circle shape. The edge of the circles are FULLY made with Rubber so Hologram absorbs spin. Even if the opponent is a Left-Spin. Hologram will still be able to generate spin from its Driver called Engine" Holden said. So does this mean it's impossible to stop spinning?[spoiler]
Chapter 3 will be a little bit delayed because I have a trip to another city. Sorry!