Beyblade Battles online tournament

okay so I'm trying to make a beyblade battles online tournament.Fill free to contact me and help me out.If your wondering how it is going to work then I'll tell you:

1. if you want to join then tell me your user name then I'll put in on the list.

2. if you confused about how you find the opponent then give me your user name then I'll put on the list so when you go online in beyblade battles you'll find the opponents user name.

3. if you win pm me on this website.

4. you at least have to have one code in order to participate.

5. I'll contact all of you who join it when its going to start.

6. the stadium it is going to be at is at the stamina stadium.

7. pm me if you are going to play.

people who are playing:
LightningLeone0829 (SteelBlader51)

Storm L-Drago 1622 (halo1622)

RockLeone6450 (robin1)

StormOrso4590 (bblademaster)

firestorm (Storm Dragoon)

torchL-drago1790 (Pinoy Blader)
robin1 Retired
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me too flamepegasus1212
This thing probably never happened, and never will. SteelBlader51 has not even made a post in more than a month. Think before you post.