Beyblade BB-10 Unused, Big Bang Pegasis Version

Hey guys I'm selling a BB-10 from the Pegasis Leone Rev-Up Launcher Set which is pretty much just extinct already. The stadium has a white tattoo of Big Bang Pegasis' face and the stadium is blue. The problem is that I've kept it for so long that the colour went from blue to teal! Id you're interested please contact/message me!👍

Selling price:
$60USD (85SGD)

Payment by PayPal.
Actually, you're not! Not until you follow the rules at the top of Beymarket.

"All sellers must post photos of their items with a visible copy of their username written/printed on a piece of paper to verify that they possess the item they are selling. Threads which do not have this will be closed."

You provide the requisite pictures and I can reopen this thread.