Beyblade 6 pack (Dual Layer) Hasbro

So the championship sets for evolution (bladers cup) and turbo (phi’s matches I guess) were 6 packs that hasbro released with a special stadium. What do you think the dual layer six pack beys would have been and what do you think the stadium design would be like.

I think Valtryek Spryzen Zeutron Xcalius Luinor are the obvious ones and the other would either be quetziko kerbeus anubion or betromoth or roktavor but I think it’s Kerbeus
Personally, I believe that it would have been the Supreme 4 also, but they would have added in something like... hmm... I'd say Betromoth and Anubion
I would say either Kerbeus or roktavor because roktavor was added in the turbo pack when ranjiro has no influence on turbo but ken actually beat Ben and put up a small fight against lui so I think it’s Kerbeus Valtryek and the supreme 4