Beyblade 4D Light

It's a kind of new way to play with 4D Beys, well I guess you only use 3 parts, but it's still fun. So you just take the Metal frame off and put the bey together without it, though an energy ring is required for it, so you can't really do it with L-Drago destroy, unless you have a extra Energy ring, even so it may be a little loose and has the lightweight issue of lying out of the stadium. I'd also recommend metal for the Core, so Phantom Orion can be used, but he flies out of the stadium from one hit. Most beys should work, some don't. Have fun with this,
I will admit that I did try once to use the Metal Fight series without the Fusion wheels (and banning energy rings made of metal), and I found it really tricky to do. A lot of that is that I fought myself so much, and since they're so lightweight they have incredibly low Stamina so trying to actually fight them was tough without an actual opponent.

I will admit that Virgo stunned me spectacularly in its default configuration with GB145 and BS, basically being an MVP. A large part of it was the added weight of GB145, but it turns out Virgo's hair makes for a surprisingly effective Upper Attack slope if it gets below (because, you know, no Fusion Wheels to stop it). I'd expect heavier Energy Rings like Bull to dominate, but Virgo just attacked and destabilized its way to victory.