BeyTest -- A Beyblade Testing App for Android (v1.0)


I am very excited to finally release to you all an app I've been developing for a little over two months: BeyTest. Beytest is an application for Android-powered smartphones and tablets that is all about helping you record test results and post them in a clean, standard format for posting here!

I've done a lot of testing in my day, and recording the results and formatting them well for online consumption has always been one of the most tedious parts of the process. So, like any good CS major, I turned to my smartphone for a remedy, and this app is the result! This app cuts out one of the most annoying parts of combo testing, and it is my hope that by releasing this tool that more members might be able to start posting test results!

The app is completely free and ad-free and is available for download in Google Play for any Android-powered device. All I ask is that you tell me what you think of the app and if you come across any bugs or think of anything I should add!


First, you select two Beyblade customs. For each custom, you supply the custom's full name (for example, Earth Eagle 145WD), a shorter name (for example, Eagle), and what type of custom it is (Attack, Stamina, or Defense).

Once you enter the custom information, you can start a new test. The test screen will tell you which Beyblade should be launched first based on what type each custom is. After each round, simply press the button corresponding to which Beyblade won and what kind of win it was (KO or OS) and the data is automatically entered. You can also specify if there were any ties (the app assumes all ties are re-done). If you enter an incorrect round by mistake, simply press "Undo" to remove the erroneous entries. Once you are done, press "Test Complete" to save the results, or press either Back or the "Quit" button to exit without storing the results.

All of the results are stored on the phone's SD card in the file "BeyTestResults.txt". To view this file, either use a third-party text editor app, or connect your phone to your PC and open it that way. The results are formatted based on posting the results here on the WBO, meaning you can copy and paste the results straight into any thread here!


This app is available on the Google Play market, and you can find it by searching for "BeyTest" on any Android-powered device by using the "Google Play" app. Alternatively, you can access Google Play on the web using the following link to have it automatically download to your phone:

Again, this app is 100% free and ad-free!


Like I have already said, I really hope to get feedback from all of you who can use the app so that I can continue to improve it! This is just version 1.0, and there might still be some bugs to work out or features I should implement. If you have anything to say about either, please post here! Most importantly, though, I hope you enjoy using this app as much as I have, and I'd love to see more test results as a result of this app!
About time bro.

It looks great! Hopefully I can use it soon myself (when I can get an Android >>)
So awesome. But I only have Apple, hah. Still, it is a great idea, and hopefully it should work.
This is awesome man!

I would love to see it for IPhone.

I'm getting a new phone soon and might get the android.
Will you ever make it for Apple? Sounds great tho!
I was worried everyone would need an iOS version, haha! I'll look into it, but it wouldn't be available for quite awhile since I've never developed for iOS before. I do expect to learn the SDK eventually, and when I do I'll try to get this working, but for now it'll have to stay Android.
Good thing my phone is expiring soon, hah.
Nice app! But I have an Apple iPhone.

I would definietly use it if it were for iOS.
Great App Ingulit, This idea was genius! It's a good thing I have a Smart Phone to get this, but I hope you can make it for iPhones, iPods, and iPads as well.
I need the IOS version now! Hopefully soon ^-^
It seems alot of People including Myself need a IOS version! LOL but this is Really Awsome! If it was avalible to me I would seriously Use it!
I remember how I used to cry on the WBO for a beyblade app and they used to say "NO",due to specific reasons.
I knew there should be an app programmer on the WBO that would do it.
I'm getting my S3 in the month of May.
You have me curious.
Glory Glory Ingulit...!!!
Keep It Up Man....!!
I'll be sure to promote it at tournaments(for which I have to take permission from the Committee?)
I just downloaded it onto my SIII, and it looks awesome!

Nice, nice, nice job, Ingulit!
Sweet work!

It'll be a huge asset to see this on iOS as well, but for a personally developed App, great work! Thanks for the share.
It is freakin awesome that you were finally able to get this finished up!!! Thank you!

Ingulit gave me access to Beytest several months ago, and I absolutely love it. All the testing I have done over the past few months was done and posted with Beytest. I do not have a computer at home, and if it had not been for Beytest then I would not have been able to contribute half the tests that I have done. Once you get done with the testing and access the file where they are stored, you can also go ahead an type up your entire post/thread to where you can just copy the whole thing, paste it on to the site, and then hit post. It makes it very easy for someone without a computer or internet to contribute testing. Thanks again Ingulit!
(Feb. 11, 2013  6:53 AM)Tech Wrote: I just downloaded it onto my SIII, and it looks awesome!

Ditto XD

Yes, thanks Ingulit, its amazing and I really love that the text is pre-formatted and all. This helps when posting because its neater and more organized! Here is how much I love this app, in Beyblade formation:
Great work Smile
This app is really good, the only problem is I can not seem to find my test results when I looked through my tablets files whilst it was connected to my computer.
Edit: I managed to find them but only on my talet so I had to post them using my tablet which was not so easy but it is still a great app.
Wow, this is great! I don't have a smartphone, but if I do ever get one, this will definitely be on it! One suggestion I do have though, is to expand on the types of Beys. You could add things like Balance or Anti-Attacker or Spin-Stealer; things like that. Maybe make it even possible to select two or more options. That's just a minor detail though. But overall, great job, it looks very good!
This app is amazing. To bad I don't have an android. This will make testing easier and it seems cooler. Thanks Ingulit!
Like Kain_Highwind, I've been using this myself for a few months (he basically gave us the beta version of it) and it's an awesome app. It makes posting test results so easy.

Glad you got the undo function working now though, before it didn't actually work... Wink
This looks great !
*Stops on Nokia C3 and hopes for an android for his birthday*
It seems really quite proffesional (Ingulit, I wouldn't be surprised if you did this for a living, ha).
I hope that I can manage to get someone with an android to download so that I can try it out :3
Also, as stated above, an IOS version would be nice *Asks step-mum to borrow her Iphone*
Wow, this is amazing. I finally have a legitimate argument against why I have an iPhone. Hopefully this will help other testers alot!
This is so awesome.

Unfortunately, I have an iPhone, but my girlfriend has an Android and I will definitely try this out when I get the chance.
It seems cool but we need an Apple version!
Finally!!, theres a problem I have IOS, This is a awesome start, Do u manage the test if u request it in this APP