BeyDays ThunderStorm(Both Formats) Report

My report about the tournament is coming from a host who have hosted for a year in Kolkata.

For Beydays, Kolkata hosted for the first time and it was very much disappointing.

VENUE: Dhakuria Lake - Golpark, Kolkata, India

Format: Zero-G and Burst.

Some of the photos of tournament:
[Image: 8NpFega.jpg]

[Image: SkhXYEW.jpg]

I am sure, some other members must have more photos.

Thoughts: Thougts of hosting this tournament came from the fact that we had 2 new members joining for this tournament. 

The tournament was great. I was thrilled and mesmerized watching new members play for the first time with their hearts pounding with great skill in their hands. It was thanks to the new members that this tournament was possible.

But the disappointment came at the most when we had 12 people confirmed and out of that only 7 showed up. Yes, the first Beyday in Kolkata was a Club format.
The excuses filled the scene when someone's job interview came in the way on a fine Sunday, someone's very own got hospitalized, and someone had to attend a wedding at 10.30 AM in the morning. Someone suddenly had to attend a tution and someone just did not attend. 

The players who came are:
2.Divyanshbhakat (helped me a lot with the hosting, specially with judging. This guy deserves an applause.)
3. SayakNath (He is too small to hndle anything, just 8 years old)
4. Soham02 (helped the new members with explaining combos and burst stuff and judging)
5. Ashmit Mohanty (great guy, very helpful)
6. Blader009 ( our camera guy, thelped us with videos and stuff)
7. Swayambhu Sen (played very well at his first tourney).

And there was no Number 8.

Yup Kolkata Missed her very best players. The weather was ecstatic and sunny.

The amount of pressure a host feels when people don't show up for a tournament is immense and all of a sudden I thought to quit Hosting. The Kolkata members requested me not to quit though. 2 people was about to take passport on this tourney and all of a sudden this happens. 

I hope Kolkata tourneys will get more successful in later years. I wouldn't be posting this thread unless it was too important. Some of the non playing members also suggested to forfeit someone's match. But I woukd never do that. Some people come just depending on the tournament format saying if it is limited forma, I will come. 

Well, I believe in that fact that yeah circumstances might arise at the last moment which can make a person to not come in the tourney. But today the case was extreme.
Do not worry at all about poor attendance: as you mentioned, they all had valid reasons (if they were true hah), and since we have the Club Format now, at least you can still host an event even though it will not be ranked. It will count for BeyDays anyway. And you are never responsible for not having standby, replacement players: we exist exactly because people do not have enough friends around to form big groups and host tournaments themselves. You rely entirely on other people's will to attend your tournament too.

We can look into ways to promote your events more, especially locally, but really: it is not your fault at all, and Kolkata has had a bright beginning already and it will have rougher times but it is all OK.