BeyBlade forum Role Playing

So..... This thread is an RPG where you create who you are, what you are like and create a story for yourself. This will be like in the Anime. I know that there is a thread about BeyBlade being real, but this is different as you can choose who you are. So this is the format:

Main Bey:
Skill (1-10):

Fill this out and post it below. Then, underneath the format, write a short paragraph (long if you want) about your backstory and any other information. Here is mine:

Name: Kieron Blaze
Main Bey: Inferno FireBlaze RW105 RF
Rivals: Ryuga, Damien and Julian
Allies: Kyoya, Sora and Zero (Team FireBlaze)
Skill (1-10): 8.5
Personality: Firey temper, funny and risk taking.

Keiron was attacked by Damien when he was 8. Since then, he has been training to become the best blader ever. He has won countless battles, yet cannot control his TRUE power. His special move is Burning Flare, FireBlaze jumps off the side of the arena, into the air, and launches a fireball at the arena. His team work together to conquer the evil forces that they meet. Kerion has battled Gingka twice, the first bout ended as a draw and the second match was a win for Keiron. He strives to be the best at everything, and is quite cheeky to his elders.
Hm. Did you read the rules? Character requests are cool, but full on roleplay is not allowed. So sorry man you have to stop this and make a new forum just for your little Beyblade Roleplay. (Don't get me wrong, I love roleplaying.)
Agreed with Astrality. I m a fan of it, too, but according to the rules, Roleplaying is prohibited.

This is the 2nd time you've posted this. Don't post it again, or you could get warned...