Best driver tip for spin stealing

I would say for MFB 80 WD is the best.

(Dec. 22, 2020  10:07 PM)DeltaZakuro Wrote:
(Dec. 22, 2020  10:06 PM)6Jupiter5 Wrote: Laughs in wizard

Wizard has bad burst resistance tho

Throw a gen weight and light launch it will beat most right spins
I use
Diabolos left spin smash attack

0 disk no frame

(Jan. 10, 2021  7:21 AM)g2_ Wrote: Wheel Drift is super good.

Yeah I’ve been hearing all this about drift being godly. Ok when I actually got it myself I have to say, it’s pretty terrifying to see just how good it is.
probably drift, it has immense lad is like a mobius with better lad and weight
It's probably not the "best" LAD driver but I've found a lot of success with the ultimate reboot. It has great balance for an attack driver.