Best Face So Far

Mine is Leone.
Libra looks pro though . lol
My face Grin lol. Nahh. I think the nicest face would be Meteo L-Drago's, or Libras
(Sep. 09, 2010  11:58 PM)metalfight Wrote: either aquario or sagittario in my opinion i love how aquario's is a water balloon making a fist lol

Its a Jar..
[Image: h.jpg]
1. Perseus - Looks EXACTLY like Kiba Yuji's Orphnoch form's face
2. Quetz 2 - Clear purple is just awesome
3. Pisces - Uhmm hello? Shark Beyblade!
4. Libra - I'm a Libra and they seriously made scales look cooler than scales have ever looked
(Sep. 18, 2010  4:53 AM)HEAVYARMS Wrote: 4. Libra - I'm a Libra and they seriously made scales look cooler than scales have ever looked

Haha, they made it into a bat.
Sol Blaze, seriously.
Elaboration does't cost a penny
My favs are
Bull = it has to be good they made a cow look badass
Libra = bat + scales = awesome
My fave 5 are in order from least to greatest 5.Wolf 4.Snot green Aquario 3. Picses 2.Leone im a Leo so it makes sense 1.L-Drago do i have to explain why.
Scythe Kronos so far.
There was certainly no need to revive this thread, IMO...
Still, so that I don't go off topic, I think Kerbecs Face is beautifully done!
Libra,Kerebecs,L Drago, and Fang Leone's look incredible
I really like Horuseus. I think the feathers make it look cool, if not for that, I have to say L-Drago II because of the colors and the stylized "L."

Also, I think people should post WHY they like the face.
Galaxy Pegasis's face looks really nice, the blueish clear just makes it look awesome. Also, the Anubis face and the greenish L-Drago II face that comes in the BB-98 Reshuffle Set. Total awesomeness. Nothing else =D
Hmmm......the Lynx and Gil face are very cool to me. I like the way the strokes for the cat's head are. They are almost like brushes and the overall design of the cats head looks cool to me. Gill looks like an awesome skeleton crocodile, though it's not supposed to be a crocodile. XD
BB-109 Purple Face. Looks so cool! Metallic purple and shiny.
Ares and Perseus! Warriors appeal to me the most
Lynx, the pearly face and the only non stickered 4D face. + HAIR BORDER
1. Perseus i just really like the face for some reason
2. Anubis love the egyptian theme and colours