Best Day Ever.

The day when I got Quetzalcoatl 90WF.
Mine was when i was biking to Toys R' Us because I wanted burn fireblaze, but the only problem was they didn't release it yet. When I got half way there i got hit by a car, but happily i didn't get hurt or die... when i got there i found Burn Fireblaze and a whole lot of beys
(Jul. 26, 2010  9:12 PM)pegasis105rf Wrote: when i got my first beyblade Grin

I agree, my first bey was LL Drago, the weird part was when my mom said "Isn't that from the old show, with those spinning tops?"
I'm gonna give quite a few examples. When I got my first beyblade(Draciel V), having small vacations in new zealand(no i did not fly there and back again< i stayed in matamata and aukland for around 2 years or so, but i did get to go to hobbiton), When i went to Disneyland in 2007 for my birthday, When i got my laptop, when i got my first MFB beyblade(flame saggitario), when i won my first tournament that i attended(barely). there are a few examples,lol.<sort of off topic?