Bandung, Indonesia WBO Blader

Everyone please tell I need to know who, how much and I'll try to make an event in Bandung without price because I'm just not a rich people that is a fans of Metal fight Beyblade that now I'm waiting very long to get Big Bang Pegasis FGrin, I carry the Bladers Spirit. I'm trying to buy online, however, please send me an Email or any way, I need fried to support in tournament, we will support you! Beyblade is something you cannot do alone, we need friend's support, I need a support from Bandung, nobody support me! So I need friend to support all of us that could will a team competition/event, we could share informations that we need! Thank You hope to make a good team of Bladers Spirit carrier!
You thread should be located in the rest of the world.
Moved. You need a correctly formatted prefix, though.

I'm from Bandung too
Hope there's WBO tournament in Bandung
I have new 4d beyblade,maybe we can meet sometime
Hi Im the one who make this thred
Im in Bandung also
titanium kaiser who placed third at Bey Bash Oct 29 is from Bandung too. But he rarely post. you should ask your friends who like beyblade to join this forum. probably you can gather enough participants to have a tournament in Bandung.