Toronto, Ontario
14 bladers registered
High Park (Nature Center)
1873 Bloor St W
  Nature Center east veranda
11:00 AM on 10/28/2018
Hosted by

Only official Beyblade Burst gear can be used.

Full Rules
6 cash  or Free with Passport*

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Join us on Sunday, October 28th, 2018 at High Park for a Beyblade Burst Format tournament!

Please Arrive On Time
Please be sure to arrive ON TIME for this tournament. We will start registration at 11:00 AM and will begin the tournament at approximately 12:00 PM. If you think you're going to be a little bit late, let me know and we may be able to work something out. Thank you!

If you can make it, please hit the blue JOIN TOURNAMENT button at the top of this page! See you all there!

Open Your Account Page During Registration
Have your Account page open during registrationParticipants being registered to the tournament must login to their accounts on any device able to access the profile page prior to registration in order to prove they are the account owner and to ensure their username is accurately transcribed. Alternatively, you can bring a printed copy of your account page to show the tournament host during registration.


We'll be playing in the east veranda shelter at the High Park Nature Centre (Google Maps will show you where it is). The east veranda is the side without the accessibility ramp. If you're coming to High Park via the Bloor St W entrance, just follow that road down on the right side and you'll see the large building/shelter on the left hand side before you reach the tennis courts. If you have any questions about the location, please post here!

Here are some pictures showing the route you should take to arrive at the tournament location if you are entering the park from the Bloor St W. entrance.

[Image: PPxhiqt.jpg]

More Photos

Side Notes
Please be aware of your belongings: We'd advise users to please, please look after your stuff. While yes this is a Beyblade tournament and we're not suggesting that any of us would attempt to take each other's stuff it is still happening at a public venue where other people (who may not be so friendly) are going to be present as well. Of course, if you see a personal belonging lying around bring it up any of the judges so we can return it to the right person. Your co-operation is appreciated!

All players must arrive on-time: If you do not arrive at the scheduled start time, you risk being excluded from the tournament. The software we use to run our events–Challonge–does not allow us to add in extra participants once the tournament has started.

If you know in advance that you will be late, please post in this thread or contact someone at the event and depending on the circumstances we can perhaps still include you if we know you will arrive soon.

All questions for this tournament may be asked in this thread!

Not sure what to expect?
Check out footage from some of our previous events that took place at High Park. More can be watched on Beyblade Channel!

Are there any tournaments that are indoors
(Oct. 10, 2018  10:39 PM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: Are there any tournaments that are indoors

During the winter months, we have indoor venues Joyful_3
How much is z Achilles
I think it is $25
But ill be selling for $20 as i have some stock on me
Yeah amazon have zet achillrs for $20 so you could shop there
(Oct. 11, 2018  3:57 AM)abidjkhan7 Wrote: How much is z Achilles

I will have some available at the event for $25 including free shipping. Wink
Are you going to sell giest
I think Kei is going to bing some when he come back
Are you selling carabeener grips?
(Oct. 13, 2018  11:56 PM)henwooja1 Wrote: Are you selling carabeener grips?

Kei will likely be bringing a few B-124 Long BeyLauncher L Sets. I'm not sure, but he may be parting some of the sets and sell each item individually Joyful_3
*also, it's spelt carabiner xD
How much will the long bey launcher sets be
Does anyone think Guiest Fafnir is compettitive worthy?
Well with stuff like heck lizard out i dont think it is that great in terms of spin steal, but i guess we will have to see if anyone brings giest
I personally would not use it in a tournament because there are way better cho z left spins to use. But I have a feeling it will be used by at least one person.
Which is better hell salsmder z Achilles or bloody longiues
Does anyone think that Guiest Fafnir is competitive worthy?

Wrote it again! Xd

Well bloody longinus on X' is a counter to Sr and Hs on br, Hs is a better bey for swis befor deck if you want play it safe. Overall no bey is the best. But how you plan your sratigy is what really conts
counts! Xd