BB-96 Beyblade Super Deck Set

"but has served it's time"

Take out the apostrophe in "it's".

It should be its.
It's=It is
(Nov. 30, 2011  12:51 AM)Shabalabadoo Wrote: Looks super (Deck Set Rimshot ) to me!

Yup! Those pictures are perfect. You can go ahead and post this now.
Congrats to SSJ. And everybody hwo helped. It is about time for a new draft.
Oh seriously? Not even going to correct or anything, haha? Well, I guess I'll go put it on! (And see if i'm smart enough to figure out how to format it!)
If you cannot get it done, I will format it later tonight or tomorrow.
I did it, but as you can see, I'm not very knowledgeable.

I can't put pictures on right now since I'm on an iPad (the Beybox picture went automatically to a plastic beyblade, haha), but here's things I need someone to fix or explain to me how to fix:

-The lines go through the Beybox for some reason and I don't know how to fix that
-In the Beybox, for Type, I wanted to leave it blank or whatever, but it says "BEYBLADE TYPE HERE".
-I wasn't sure where I should put links, so I only put 2 obvious ones.

And if the person helping could also put the pictures on, I'd appreciate that. If not, don't worry.
I'll fix it, hold on...

EDIT: Done.

Your Table of Content format was wrong, and the line was piercing the Beybox because the Table of Contents was too small - so I just added 7 blank lines below it to make it look right. I also found a stock image of the three Beyblades in the set and uploaded it for the Beybox, and filled in the gallery.

Oh, and I put in links to the Metal Face article and Pegasis 105F.
Cool, was the section that I had called "Contents" purposely removed?

Yes, because that was not real table of contents formatting. I replaced it with the appropriate format.
Thanks guys. I've just gone ahead and created a "Set" category. All future articles like this should be included within this category.
(Dec. 01, 2011  1:28 AM)Hazel Wrote: Yes, because that was not real table of contents formatting. I replaced it with the appropriate format.

It's not a table of contents, its the package contents, haha.
Ahh, I see. I changed the format of it(the format you had on there was broken anyway) and put it back in.
Just made one minor edit; I replaced the actual bullets with orange arrows (by typing *).
Bullets, arrows...

The indians won this round. ;_;
No offence to Shab but this article is plain wrong. Also the name is wrong too... It's just Super Deck Set. As such i'm gonna make a rewrite attempt:

The Beyblade Super Deck Set's purpose was to release combos that frequently placed among TAKARA-TOMY tournaments at the time of release. As such, it contains all re-released parts, but also allows an easier way to find relatively rare, competitive parts; most importantly, Libra. However by today’s standards most of the parts are outclassed. Pegasis is outclassed by all modern Attackers, Burn's Stamina does not compare to that of Scythe, Phantom, and Basalt and while Libra once a powerful defence wheel has been outclassed by Basalt, Death and Duo. The other parts of the Beyblades still have uses though. RF is an attack staple and the 100 and 85 tracks have use with the Blitz metal wheel. WD is one of the most stamina bottoms and D has use in combos using 230 and TH170. However while the parts have some moderate uses there are other sets which have more up to date parts. As such this set should only be bought for collection or if you require the parts contained in the set.
No, "Beyblade" is included in the name.
Whoops my mistake.
Yeah I don't take any offense! Smile It's BeyWiki's article, not mine!
Ultra, you are right that the article was in need of an update. I've gone ahead and updated/re-written it with my own description though. My description does not go into detail regarding what parts have been outclassed by what, but it gives a bit more context as to when the Wheels became outclassed, which I feel is more important. If people want to know exactly what a Wheel has been outclassed by, they can read the full article for each Beyblade.