BB-114 VariAres D:D Draft

Should I change that, or slash it? So like should it say:

Basalt Cacaner/Kerbecs DGrin [/i]


Basalt Kerbecs DGrin [/i]

Thanks, Mr. N I put a lot of work in it. I'm happy there are no major mistakes and that I use Beywiki to help me.

Nocto, I mixed some of your inputs, some of what was not fitting, though.

Hopefully I can get Kei to look over this soon, I think he is busy.
Oh yeah, you should consider MF for the VariAres Use In Attack Customization section. ♥ did some tests and it did pretty well.
We didn't see anything too surprising in it though. I was actually the one who suggested him trying, but I'm sure he was gonna try anyways.

For now, I'll check over there again and see if it is anything notable.
Pictures will be taken tomorrow!
I think He said that every blader need it cuz, due to the current results and the Vari Discussion Thread, it does pretty good on basalt, and basalt most bey used in the metagame.
Where did anyone disagree with me?
Not much to say about the pics. Nice work, but lighting is a little..... Dark.
No it's not?

It's just fine, really.
I seriously like this. I think it should be posted on the wiki soon
Me too!

I hope Kei can see it soon.
wrote top tier Defence on use on attack part
good job. maybe a bit more explanation as to why we should have one each.
@sika What?

Nah, the last parts fine JX.
This draft is now done, I need to know how to submit it though, I'm not so sure now....
I don't want to sound like a jerk but VariAres on CH120 does better than both R145 and BD145 so... :V

Also "Between each protrusions are the three protrusions of the PC Frame which retracts at high rotational velocity (Attack Mode) and emerge at low rotational velocity (Defense Mode)."

I think you should write it as 'Between each of the larger protrusions are three smaller, plastic protrusions.'
They original way it was written seemed awkward to me.

I am sure of BD145's sheer excellence. I have used it much more confidently anywhere than CH120.

Though, I will add it, thank you.

Also, I will adjust that line, because the one you suggested doesn't imply the PC Frame at any cost.
umm, i dont see anywhere that says veriares can spin both directions, did you forget to add that or left it off on perpose.
(Sep. 03, 2011  2:48 AM)Giraton Wrote: umm, i dont see anywhere that says veriares can spin both directions, did you forget to add that or left it off on perpose.

He clearly stated that it could.
Yes i did?

Thanks, Mr. N!
Cut the carp okay? BD145 isn't the answer for everything by absolutely any means. You tell me when VariAres BD145 can KO Basalt BD145CS, alright? Personal preference plays zero role in the creation of beywiki articles: facts do.
God I hate what has happened to the customizations forum.
I was going through the VariAres discussion thread and clearly to the majority of all tests BD145, R145, and 85 are doing excellent. Never would I do personal perference?\

Cut the carp? I added it as you said, and BD145 should stay up as well. Kei's tests proved all positive as well as ControL's
Oh Im just saying in every single aspect, CH120 is better on VariAres. The 'cut the carp' was aimed at you glorifying BD145.
I Am not glorifying at all, I want to see comparatove testing by Kei or ControL and you, and I'll do it myself as well.
(Sep. 03, 2011  2:01 AM)BeyBladestation Wrote: I am sure of BD145's sheer excellence.
Nahh, no glorification at all!
I can tell you from Deikailo's experience that VariAres BD145RF cannot handle Basalt BD145 because the two disks connect causing Vari to lose by OS.
I cannot do tests with Basalt TH170 or anything other that what I've posted or experienced because of school.
From the tests I've done, it is indeed better. (compared to what Kei's BD145 results were and mu CH120 results.)