Awesome Avatar Shop

Um...the images don't show up.
o ok...
thanks for saying but how to fix that???
EDIT: Problem is solved!!
can we copy and use these
but you can request too
i can make one with your name on it...
good luck with your shop
Can you make an av that matches my sig?
arent these WAY too big for avies?
(Jul. 29, 2011  2:07 AM)qwertxj3 Wrote: arent these WAY too big for avies?
these are examples of what i can do
and what is the avatar size?
The limit for avatars is 120x120 pixels
(Aug. 30, 2011  8:18 AM)BurnBlader Wrote: When you upload an avatar, it automatically resizes.

Not if it's too big....
You know that, don't you?
(Aug. 30, 2011  11:27 AM)Xyo Wrote: You just edited them and put some text Tired

Yeah, all you did was add some sort of glow effect and make some 3D text. What program do you have/use?
Can you make me a sig of kronos and pegesus battling equally strong in sparks for about 3 seconds and then kronos goes back to his side of the stadium, glows purple and then attacks pegasus and throws him out of the stadium behind gingka badly damaged. And ACE at the very top the whole time in faded red letters.If you can you are the 2nd best blader alive. If you can't I completely understand. Thanks.
Why on earth did you bump this old thread when the op clearly states that he only does avatars.
... and his last login was a year ago.
sorry i meant avatar, i am just used to saying sig
(Jul. 17, 2012  2:43 PM)ACE of spades Wrote: sorry i meant avatar, i am just used to saying sig
I also wanted to say that I recommend you don't request here, if you look two posts before this one, it says the user himself has not logged in for a complete year. There are other shops you can look at in "Your Creations"