Auzzie Bey Day meet up! Saturday the 23rd!

dang, i have to walk a trek from the bus stop at Queen Victorias...
Lol omg im so excited! just 1 more day!
Ok, i might be able to go to both days!!!!
Raykon: Do you know if were going to definatly be having the tournament on Sunday at your place ?It might be a bit crowded ... XD.
It's at my place lol.
Hey Aussie Bladers!

If you guys can get ahold of a laptop with a webcam and WiFi access at your event, the UK bladers are working on a world webcam conference. Although, you all can't view War Room while at your event because of the time difference, you can still chat with the UK. I'll post more later. Or just go to the Spinoff thread.
Lol i suck with computer's but i don't think we can get any wifi access.
(May. 22, 2009  1:25 PM)josh-jf Wrote: Lol i suck with computer's but i don't think we can get any wifi access.
Where will you all be around 6pm tomorrow?
Oh at 6pm I should be at home, im sure most of the guy's will be.
I have a laptop and wifi, lol, uh 6pm I should be at home..
What time is your tournament? Chocked_2
It will be from 11:30 am-4:30 pm for us.
11-30AM- 4-4:30PM.
I found 2 sydney members ... if I only found them earlier they could go.
Oh well, next one next time will be better.
Why do so many people have to be away on Saturday!? ugh, guys it won't be as big as expected!, I'm really disappointedUnhappy I wanted a good amount of people there. Next tournament should be good ... Crying
if we can get the webcam conference at the spinoff going, you guys should consider extending the tournament so you can speak with them perhaps. Lips_sealed
Lol alot of them are young, so i doubt they would be able to. Maybe you will have some of the older members we shall see what i can do Smile
im actually gna have some difficulties making it their, so i might not make it. Hopefully it works out and i can go, but will see.
Aww why? please come Unhappy were already having enough attendence problems as it is. If you like msg me and tell me what's wrong.

P.s happy beyday all aussies.
So us aussie,s have already had our meet up Smile it was excellent even though there wasnt heaps of people, not im trying to organise tomorrow's one.
That's awesome that it went well, wish i could've been there
lol yea mad meet up. 5 ppl Smile but was still cool
Lol yeah you don't need many to make it a god time, i had as much fun as i would have with the 5 than what i would have with 15, however i would like to have a tournament tomorrow lol.
mmmm, tourny be very good, was many interesting battles they went the way ppl didnt expect.
Sounds like you guys had fun. Smile
Yeah it was good, we got alot of battle's for only 5 people lol.

To be honest but im pretty disapointed with the people who left us out to dry though.
Same here, but oh well. There's always next time.
Yeah your right, it's just a huge mood kill for an organiser. But that take's nothing away from the great member's who did come Smile