Auzzie Bey Day meet up! Saturday the 23rd!

To celebrate Bey day we thought we would also do it! There isn't much information right now but more will come up as we get closer. As the Good games in Burwood is going to be crowded as hell and would probably have no room for us at all so we might host it in the City, man pamphlets would be good here ... And Josh-jf will be helping a lot with this so I can't say I did all the hard work.
NOTE: This is just for fun!! so don't expect a big crowd or anything to show up this is not a tournament but we still want you to come to calibrate Bey Day!!
Good Games Sydney
Level 1
857 George St
Sydney NSW 2009
(At the moment... could change)
[Image: mapsydney.jpg]

Date and time:
23rd Saturday and 24th on Sunday!
11:30AM- around 4-4:30 but feel free to stay longer for more battles lol but not for ever!
We will be using the pool format at the previous tournament, if you weren't there then it will be explained there!
Beyblade series aloud?
Heavy metal system, Metal fight Beyblade and Plastics!

Attendance list: the moment
The Shredder(Maybe)
Simon's Bro(Maybe)

updates later!! Stay tuned!
wait are we making this a tournament?
Yeah, it doesn't really matter, if we get the 9 then yes, if not then its just for Bey Points!
ok well if anyone has any ideas for me or raykon to do with this tournament then let me or him know. The meet up was excellent but we want this to be even better and more improved and even more fun so please give us ideas and dont stress if you dont hae mfbs because we will make this a fare format for anyone somehow lol if anyone has any good ideas to do with that to let me know.

Im going to call up and try and get everything booked with the goodgames in the city, just so you all know this one is smaller than burwood but its also less popular which is a plus for us because theres meant to be a yugioh! tournament on the sunday.

Just please let us know if your free on the 23rd and 24th and we will have everything worked out soon enough after i call and organise everything Smile

More updates will be posted so keep up to date and keep posting and suggesting things to me.
man i so hope i cna come, depending on when it is, lol i know exactly where it is too Grin i usta play regional games of magic the gathering there
(Apr. 27, 2009  11:14 AM)The Shredder Wrote: man i so hope i cna come, depending on when it is, lol i know exactly where it is too Grin i usta play regional games of magic the gathering there

yeah thats the place!!! their magic the gathering crazy over there! where burwood is more yugioh! lol
yugioh stinks, magic rox XD thats right, i was my regional champ lol
Mad i'm psyched already hope i can go
Yeah, lol well tell me if you want to be put up on the list as a maybe!
I can make 25th (Sunday) but prob not 24th (Saturday)
(Apr. 27, 2009  11:31 AM)Jezz1 Wrote: I can make 25th (Sunday) but prob not 24th (Saturday)

lol sat is the 23rd and sunday is the 24th
To be honest i think raykon might have jumped the gun on this one abit. Its too soon to have another tournament i say a mod should prob close this thread for now. But to the guys out there me and raykon will still most likely meet up if anyone wants to come for some play around matches.
Yeah, sorry guys, maybe in a month we will have another tournament..
lol this isnt much less than a month away.
You can still meet up with the other Australian bladers to do an infinite amount of ranked battles on Bey Day. If you do not want to organise a proper tournament so soon, then just remove that word from your posts, and this topic can remain open for other Australians to post whether they can come for free battles on that day. Simply so you have a basic idea of what could be happening then.
thats a great idea since i was thinking we would meet upo anyway lol thanks kai-v. Ok raykon will edit what he needs to edit tomorrow ann any bladers who want to meet up just post away Smile
Put me down as a maybe for now, i'll get back to you as soon as i can if i can definately go
Alright, I dunno, but is it okay if just me and Tyson go? The others are at a party(I should be going to but bey day is to awesome XD) And I might get some others to come if they want to come instead of the party.
Just a meet up really have some fun, we can have a tournament in the holidays.
EDIT: I might be able to get the full gang to come if I try hard Tongue_out
lol whatever you can do sounds good man. If its just you and tyson then im happy.
Well there is Pertek, I forgot about him, he can go lol.
sweet thats great tyson, good to hear.
Ok, the three that should come with me are, Tyson, Pertek and Laiton. The others might but are doubt full.
Just letting you know!
if its on the Saturday, im not too sure i can make it since i most likely have a soccer game at 3 or 1 pm.
Okay, Well hopefully you can make it!