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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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Date: Friday 17th, July
Address:195A burwood road, Burwood, (near the city) nsw and its on level 1
What to bring:All the beyblades you can, money if you want to buy food and drinks which they sell at the venue, there is also an entry fee as i had to pay to hold the event and thats $5 per person, this is all you have to pay, however if you would like to donate to WBO or get a passport forward the money to me or Raykon and we will take care of that for you.

That's right here it is again, another shot at beyblading glory with the meet and greet 2 tournament. The tournament will be taking place at Goodgames, burwood. This is a very large and popular shop and if we manage to get a good crowd there they might consider making their own tournaments every so often!

The address is 195A burwood road, Burwood, (near the city) nsw and its on level 1. The idea of this tournament is to prepare for the bigger one thats coming up hopefully at the end of the year (which is why its a meet and greet tournament). This is a great chance to check out the competition, form rivalries, learn new combos and go head to head with the best in the country (not to mention win a face if we get enough people). So please we need your support i put out the call to all australians in sydney and elsewhere turn up and beyblade!

As for format i am planning on splitting the tournaments up to make things fairer, there will be a plastics tournament, and hms/mfb tournament. Bladers have expressed interest in splitting the format this way and who am i to say no.

One last thing, i ask that everyone please turn up, beyday was a bust and i put alot of hard work into it, and it really broke down my spirits and i told myself i was done with tournaments, however my beyblade spirit is too strong and im trying again so please attend.

Any questions fire away. Thank you.

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3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

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4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

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6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

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7. Players Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

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Please try to remember that the WBO fee is $5USD, not AUD.
The fee is for the venue, remember that whole thing we were talking about Brad? i managed to strike a deal with these guys though so from now on the more we go there the less it will be to hire the room.
Were you not listening to me last night?

Collect the entry fee from each member ... use it to pay for the room ... whatever is left over from that should be sent to the WBO. Essentially I am allowing you to use the WBO fees to pay for the venue.
Sorry i misunderstood lol, yes we shall do that, so everyone remember what Brad said about the fee being $5usd. Thanks Brad.
Okay, sounds great, I can go and will be taking my friends with me.
Might have trouble trying to get Beybi to go tho...
I might be able to go. I can talk to Beybi, is this a MFB, plastic or HMS tornement I only have plastics and MFBs.
I am looking forward to the torny, Raykon will Tyson from school be going??

I'll look into transport and accomodation tomoro, but with any luck im planning on being there
Sweet!! that beautiful shredder, and for laiton you dont need a hms blade if you have mfbs (since they are in the same tournament).
Shredder, could you bring your Beyblade friend with you?
Everyone note i edited the OP so recheck it, apparently some people still have scholl so its being posponed to the next friday, the new date for the event is now the 17th of july as stated above.
Okay, this should be good, more time for people, a lot of the others can go now, I will keep track of who can come or not.
Sweet lets make this happen guys!!! please comment here if you have problems with transport also, and we can try and see if anyone lives near you.
I should be able to come!!!!
New zealanders can come here though for a few days Smile
(Jun. 21, 2009  10:11 AM)josh-jf Wrote: New zealanders can come here though for a few days Smile

lol i wouldnt fly for a tournament
might be able to make it.
(Jun. 21, 2009  10:12 AM)clericlaw Wrote: lol i wouldnt fly for a tournament

Brad does.
(Jun. 21, 2009  11:11 AM)Jezz1 Wrote: might be able to make it.

Its good to see you back jezz! i was going to call you today lol, yeah please come i need you there lol, your my best competition.
Okay, I have asked the people and all of them said they should be able to come, (LAITON, HAYDEN, Beybi, Ryanmaster, Pertek, Kaifan, Tyson, Leah (hasn't signed up yet)) Also whereismyface say's he has some friends that might come to the tournament so that's even better, Simon and his bro I think can come and I dunno if The shredder can still come, I will ask him along with beytraiki and Bleachman64. Josh, do you know if your friends can come yet?
I think if they can all come that's 20, woo.
EDIT: There are two people that have not yet signed up on WBO that I know ... so I might see if I can contact them,
Well jezz1 also looks good, i still need to talk to lira but im rather positive he will be there, i'll have to see who else can go, this is looking great!

Edit: just a reminder to everyone for the entry fee, im also going to be selling some beyblades there if anyones interested, just so i can help some bladers out.
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