Australian Team Tournaments

i have been thinking about this for some time and i have decided that we can have rated teams in Aus even though there is not enough teams this might encourage people to make teams.
hopefully we can have teams all around australia
please if you have any questions about this contact team Galaxy Wings
bakers dozen
or Nile
Team Galaxy Wings
lakes p-9 school beyblade club
Cosmic bladers
Team Omega Nova
Team Blaze
Team Fang Bang destroyers

at the moment it is going to be tag team....
suggest rules but do not spam you will be warned and reported
how this will work is:
two people from each team will enter a Tag team tournament (Hosted by me and others that are trusted or experienced Eg. Raykon , Momiji , and others)
  • You cannot use the same bey twice or both members of a tag team use it
Are they going to be proposed for approval by the Committee ?
yes i am going to later post to you and the committee when we have enough teams to compete
we need around nine to ten teams to make this work...
BTW its team fang bang destroyers not just fang bang ... unless your keeping it for short lolz
man i wish i was in aus so i can go to at least one beyblade torneyin my life i have never been to a torney
Nile you forgot the bey team Beyblade Masters (or something like that) those guy who scam people, The guys with good beys, The guys we were going to challenge.
Those guys live in America lol .......
Anyway any team in aus can sign up here
How many people r in team galaxy wings????
Where is held
(Apr. 02, 2011  2:04 PM)Laska Wrote: How many people r in team galaxy wings????
Where is held

Around 25 bladers from around the world. Most are in Sydney, Australia.
nice thanks
you can get rid of fang bang destroyers now lolz
err, my club is not a team just so you know. that plus it's pretty much dead till i get a proper stadium.
Okay Pika
i will note that
i might make a beyblade team i just got to find more brisbane bladers
(Apr. 19, 2011  12:09 PM)newbeyblader Wrote: i might make a beyblade team i just got to find more brisbane bladers
im a brisbane blader and will happily join up
where in brisbane r u njrk97
(Apr. 19, 2011  12:20 PM)newbeyblader Wrote: where in brisbane r u njrk97
i live an hour from the city
well this is not a place for discussion
but since you are sort of new i don't think you know the rules well
read the private message this is in progress
sorry nile
im trying to find more brisbane bladers.
i didnt mean to break any rules
don't worry just make a thread for Brisbane bladers
and people will start coming up
hey if there is other bladers in south australia on team galaxy wings could u host a tornament
This is not the place to put though i under stand that you might be new try finding people on the Australian members thread
(Apr. 25, 2011  10:29 AM)strompegasus456 Wrote: can i be on the tag team where & when is it
that is not the place too put that please refer to the help in WBO thread for further details