Attempt @ Dragoon G Article (Rough Version)

I know Aqua called on Dragoon G but I hope he doesn't mind if I go ahead and did a article. However, we can use this to collaborate to produce a final good article. Okay, here goes something?

| image =
| full item name = Dragoon Galaxy
| item number = A-89
| beyblade system = Engine Gear
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]

== Attack Ring (AR): Eight Spiker ==
*'''Weight:''' 5g

The AR of Dragoon G takes on the elements from it's two predecessors, Dragoon V and Dragoon V2. It has eight points of attack with ridges at the point of contact, thus enabling this AR to achieve Spike Attack. This AR is ideal for left-spin attack combos.

===Use in Smash Attack===
The AR is top-tier for left-spin Smash Attack combinations. It is on par with Trygle's Triple Wing and Driger G's Triple Claw.
*'''AR:''' Eight Spiker
*'''WD:''' [[10 Wide]]
*'''SG:''' [[Spin Gear|Neo Left SG]] (with HMC)
*'''BB:''' [[Dragoon S|Storm Grip Base]]

This is a very simple, yet effective example of left-spin Smash Attack. For a higher chance of a KO use [[Sliding Shoot]].

== Weight Disk (WD): 10 Wide ==
See [[Wide Weight Disks|Ten Wide]]

== Spin Gear (SG): Left Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat Version)
* '''Weight:''' 11g
Dragoon G is the first of the Engine Gear series with a Left Spin Engine Gear. Though it comes with a Metal Semi-Flat tip, it still offers very fast movement. However, this Engine Gear was outclassed by it's successor [[Dragoon GT| Left Engine Gear Turbo]].

== Blade Base (BB): First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version)
* '''Weight:''' 7g
The BB of Dragoon G offers eight points of attack aligned with deep ridges at the point of contact as well. It is also a First Clutch Base, meaning that the Engine Gear will release upon the first few seconds of making contact with the Beystadium. However, the Engine Gear will ==NOT== release if it is launched at a medium to low [[spin rate| spin velocity]]. It is also noted that since Eight Spiker lines up perfectly with this BB, there is no other effective AR that can be used with this BB. In order to use the BB and the First Clutch to it's fullest, you should launch this beyblade with a [[Sliding Shoot]].

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== Overall ==
Dragoon G is one of the first in the Engine Gear series. It has a very high rate of mobility as well with the same recurring theme of the BB working together with the AR to produce a solid form of attack. However, the highlight of this beyblade is Eight Spiker and the Neo-Left Launcher/Winder. This beyblade is also aesthetically pleasing and would look nice in your collection. ==For competition purposes, every blader should own multiples of this beyblade soley for the AR, Neo Left Launcher and Neo-Dragon Winder==
(Aug. 01, 2009  6:08 PM)BrooklynBEGA Wrote: For a....possible OHKO, use Sliding Shoot to achieve more hits.

(Aug. 01, 2009  7:36 PM)Rocky Wrote: lol

lol told ya I needed help with this article!

EDIT: fixed, anything else to add/remove?
If someone called an article in the worklist topic, you should at least ask first before you do it, you shouldn't just go ahead and do it...
Sorry about that Aqua, but the Engine Gear series has been long overdue and I did have a Dragoon G on me to go ahead and write a article. So, I just figured I at least attempt one article, sorry for my lack of patience. However, this article is more than open for contribution because I dunno if you can't tell but I need some serious work on making articles.