Attacking Physics (To resolve something)

Okay, The Balance Weight Disc weighs the same as Wide Defense, 14 grams, but Wide Defense has it's weight focused outward, and Balance has it's weight focused inward.

The contendor:
Triple Wing
Balance-Wide Defense
Neo Right/HMC
SG Metal Flat 2

The Opposition:
War Lion
10 Heavy
Neo Right/Double Bearing Core
Defense Ring
Customize Grip Base

Balance Results:
1. Outspin Loss
2. KO Loss
3. KO Loss
4. KO Loss
5. KO Loss
6. KO Win
7. Double KO
8. Outspin Loss
9. KO Loss
10. KO Win


Wide Defense Results:
1. Outspin Win
2. KO Loss
3. Outspin Win
4. KO Win
5. Seperation Clause Win

4:1 GREAT.

At this point I felt no further testing necessary.
(Well that and my War Lion blew up ;___;)


They are not the same at all.
Are the weight discs the same shape?

Also, it's not exactly the most relevant testing to what I was talking about. snm
That's why Magne WD is better than 10 Balance, both weigh 15 grams, but Magne WD is wider, so it has more weigh focused outwards.
now my head hurts evenmore