Armor combos

What combos can you make with armor and how much armor can one bey have
(Aug. 26, 2019  1:09 PM)Suoh sadboii Wrote: I'm not sure what you mean by that...

It means how much armor, including pheonix armor, forge disk armor, and tip armor. Also it means combos involving pheonix, his armor, and other armors I just mentioned
The only things referred to as Armor are the Revive Phoenix armor disc for the Revive Phoenix layer, and the Dead Phoenix armor disc for the Dead Phoenix layer.
If you're talking about things that you attach to numbered core discs, those are called disc frames.
There are no attachable tip parts, except for the Xtend+ chip.

Forge disk armor is not a thing.
Tip armor is not a thing.

What, specifically, do you mean?