Ariel 2 Draft - Done\Need approval -

(Aug. 01, 2016  9:30 PM)Shirayuki Wrote:
(Aug. 01, 2016  8:03 PM)RDF3 Wrote:
(Jul. 31, 2016  8:50 PM)Zoroaste Wrote: Twin Horn is better. It has better weight distribution, covers the bey more completely and has fewer potential contact points than Tiger Defenser and Metal Dranzer AR. Th!nk even says it pretty much, although it's kind of confusing to read, because I don't think he comes right out and says the best stamina AR, but kinda says it in so many words
That said, I don't think it's a gigantic difference. If you are on a budget, Tiger Defenser is fine

Twin Horn has been one of the best choices for Zombie ARs for years XD. Metal Dranzer's AR (Scissor Attacker) and Tiger Defenser are cheaper options though.

Not necessarily. It had a resurgence very very recently. Dragon Saucer based combinations weren't really explored until someone in India used it in tournament play and swept with it. Also, theoretically, you wouldn't want to use Tiger Defenser or well, any smoother AR over Dragon Saucer for a Zombie anyways, based on how Zombies work. If you were to use Tiger Defenser, the Opposing Bey would have nothing to latch on to, basically defeating the purpose of "spin stealing." You want an AR that doesn't cause a lot of recoil but at the same time has notches to latch on to.

Quote:And as for FIREFIRE, Driger V2 uncustomized is very strong, so be careful. I'd go with Customize Grip Base and Cross Survivor (Dranzer V2) or Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape), since IIRC it's better against upper. And don't bother with War Bear's core-AR, it's pretty much outclassed.

Uh, what? War Bear has been proven to be the cheaper alternative to Hasbro Twin Horn. You can see that in Driger GT's testing thread, so I don't know where you got that from. For Customize Grip you more or less want to use survivor ring for it's LAD. Driger V2 isn't really a threat IMO if you're going opposite spin anyways. Cross Survivor isn't as great as it could be compared to Survivor Ring.

But hey it's whatever. That was such a minor and stupid misunderstanding that neither of us should really be hung up over about it.

Anyways I took the time to think about Wide Survivor and looked around a bit and came to this conclusion:

Yes, Wide Survivor is used on Triple Tiger in this setup since it's going for higher speed. Triple Tiger is heavy enough and has enough outer weight distribution to cover the loss of using Wide Survivor over Wide Defense. The reason why I thought it was odd because most Attack Combos typically can't deal with Circle Survivor Combos (Since that is basically the default defense/stamina combo at this point) if they use Wide Survivor because they don't have enough weight.

Anyways, my apologies for even bringing it up in the first place.