Anyone selling at the summer smash?

Excuse me but could someone sell me random booster right vol.1 mad cancer i don't care what price PM me if you do and if one of use PM me then i will tell you the maximum price i will pay for them.
That makes no sense.
If anyone wants a spare DEMS I have one to sell.PM me with your offers.
What are DEMS?
Stands for Dark Effigy MS (a.k.a Death Gargoyle MS though that can be confusing as it has the same abbreviation as Dragoon MS). It's a type of HMS blade.
Ok, soz.
You don't have to be sorry....all questions are welcomed, WBO is a learning environment. Just ask in the 'ask a question' thread next time? Wink
Ok, I'll be selling a few things at SummerSmash next to them I'll put their condition as either
(D) damaged
(UF) used, and in fair condition
(UVG) used, but in very good condition, or
(M) mint without box.
Anything with a price next to it, is something someones put an offer on, if you want it, make a higher offer.

Dranzer V (UVG)
Metal Draciel (Metal Masters Recolor) (UF) slight scratching on the color
Seaborg (Phantom Force) (M) (£5)
Phantom Fox MS (Lime Green) (UF) (£5)
Dark Leopard MS (Pale Grey) (M) (£10)
Slash Riger MS (M) (£14)

Thought I might as well state it here, I'll only bring them if people are interested.
PM me offers, I'll either take the highest offer, or if two people make the same offer, I'll put it to a bid between the two of them on the day.
Phantom Force Seaborg........*drool*

I'll take that as an interested lol..
I really want that Slash Riger MS!!!
(Jun. 15, 2009  7:43 PM)Driger Wrote: I really want that Slash Riger MS!!!
Feel free to make me an offer then Smile
Updated the blades I'm selling with the current offers on them
I could make enquiries at theINtoy if anybody is interested in buying on the day. If there is anybody that would be interested then the prices would be at theINtoy prices. I will take money on the day as I won't be purchasing, rather asking them to send required stock to myself. I will need 100% commitment to purchases as I don't want to be sending stuff back as it will cost me extra money to send back.

Please bear in mind that at this point it is still not clear whether this will happen. I'm emailing INtoy now =D.

So if there is any interest then I can start asking INtoy. It would also be cheaper on delivery for yourselves if there is enough interest. P&P will be divided up evenly amongst all purchases.
will anyone be selling storm pegasis and/or Dark Wolf
Espio just said that if anyone was interested in ordering any blade theintoy have in stock, PM him...
Theintoy have both, stop posting this Tired
This is from my PSP. INtoy have agreed to send me stock. I will create full lists of what they will have in stock tomorrow. You will need to be 100% commited to making the purchase on the day. I will only request stock for definate purchases only. As soon as I have the list up I will begin to take orders. Cheers!
I ll sell

Dranzer f
Dranzer v
Dragoon v
(Jun. 17, 2009  11:58 AM)kinomiya Wrote: I ll sell

Dranzer F
Dranzer V
Dragoon V

You mean Salamalyon ... right ? XD
Sales are now closed!

Informtation regarding payment
Payment will need to be made on the day. If payment isn't received then you will not receive your Beyblades. So please make sure that you bring the correct money as I'm unsure whether I will have change. All shipping is free. The total shipping for all items came to about £6, so I'm not too concerned about it. I have sent invoices to all those that decided to buy from myself.

Information regarding further purchases
Simply put, no further purchases can be. Any new requests will not be added to existing orders.

How to find me at Summer Smash
I will be wearing traditional combat shorts if it is sunny. I will also be carrying several bags I would imagine. If your unsure of who I am then ask Rocky, Matt or Flight. I will post a pocture up in this post prior to the day. Just let me know what your username is, then I will sort out your order.

Additional Notes
I would like to thank all those that have agreed to purchase from myself and theINtoy. If this is successful then there is a chance that future events will have something similar. Thank you once again.
I think your gonna be stuck with those Griffolyon's :p

I will ask Kevin if he wants any before I reserve, probs go for 1 Flame Saggitario + 1 Metal Face

And thanks for the awesome sales Espio =D
I wont know definate stock levels for the stuff on order until it arrives. If we dont have sufficient stock then I apologise now. I will update stock levels as soon as we get them in. Can I also ask that all orders are PMed to me and not posted publicly. The stock levels will be adjusted as the orders are placed.