Anyone live near Silver Spring?

Hi! I would like to join a beyblade community, but I cannot find one that is near where I live but I live close to Silver Spring MD so maybe some people could come over sometime? I am okay even if it is just another person and I, but I create this thread in hope to have fun battling in an actual community. If there is a time that someone can meet me and Silver Spring MD, please message me and I will reply ASAP.  I hope to see you in Silver Spring MD someday and socialize a bit.
Actually there are numerous bladers who live near Silver Spring MD, including several organizers and judges.

Now part of me thinks this is redundant to the Maryland tournament thread at
But you DID specify that it was for non-tournament events. So, I'll leave this thread as is. However, I do recommend you edit your first post and change the topic to something like "Maryland non-Tournament meetups".

That said, I feel like you'll have more luck asking people who you get along decently with at tournaments to hang out for practice beyblade sessions, rather than total strangers.