Any Bladers in Palm Coast, Florida?

Hey Everyone: 

I am looking to start a tournament in my local area and am seeking at least 20 people to join. I don't have a date set just yet but post your interest here and the are that you live in so that I can reach out to you. Areas like Orlando, St Augustine and Daytona are pretty close. Bring your passion for competition out.  

"The more I practice the luckier I get"
We actually have a whole thread for Florida tournaments

But I am an Orlando Organizer, so if you need help just let me know. Cscramon and @-Fireblaze- are also based in the Orlando area and I'm sure we'd all come out.
That makes sense lol ... Thanks

I am thinking of becoming an organizer so I might have some questions ... I am looking through the website to get familiar with the guide/rules so you might be hearing from each other often ... LOL ... let me go post in the other thread ... again Thanks