[Answered]  Why Takara Tomy didn't come to Europe?

Like title say...
Takara Tomy has never been good about creating their own distribution networks outside of East Asia. For other regions they have always partnered with regional distributors like Hasbro. They had a relationship with Hasbro since Transformers in the 1980s. And this continued to Beyblade. TT relies on other companies' distribution networks. They don't want to create their own in the US and Europe for whatever reason.
Then we need to stay use Amazon or Ebay to get TT Beyblade Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy
Yeah. It stinks.
Well Hasbro was first in India too but later it changed to TT in 4D weird thing we had Hasbro Launchers and Spark FX made by TT

Wonder if your country gets a change like this