[Answered]  What's better a sparking bey or a dynamite bey

I was wondering this because I want the best beys for tournaments and my only good bey is brave valkyrie
Few DB parts are out yet. They seem okay, but you're better off right now with a customized SK combo using the more powerful layers such as Rage or World or a few others. I've seen Jet in the winning combos list, even a few drift combos.
Well, it's only been a month since the first DB Bey's release, but I saw someone winning 2nd place in a tournament with Dynamite Belial and Cyclone Ragnaruk stock soooo...they seem decent, to say the least. However, the current powerhouses of Sparking like Rage and World are still a safer option currently. Maybe you could get one of both? I heard World performs pretty well with Cyclone's Giga Disc.
Thanks I will get a dynamite Belial and Helios volcano and a cyclone ragnuruk