[Answered]  Takara-Tomy and Young Toys quality

Hello! So, i don't know that much about Young Toys to be honest. I'm pretty sure it's just a company who distributes TT beys in South Korea. The contents are the same, i think but what about the quality of the products? In theory, they should be pretty much identical but i feel like YT beys are kinda worse than TT ones despite the fact that the only different things should be a few logos on the box and korean writings instead of japanese. There was a discussion here, where somebody claimed that the YT launchers had a sort of higher chance to break. Now, i bought a Cho-z Valkyrie and i can't wait for it to arrive. None of you has experience with Young Toys line? I actually have a Dead Phoenix, and i can't deny its Atomic spring feels weaker than the Takara-Tomy version. It's not much, so i'm looking forward to have some tips from you guys!
Thanks for reading and your time.
Edit: just read your post. I have no experience with the brand but I have seen listings of it. I do not think there is any difference between getting a TT bey from Japan and a bey distributed by this company so you should be safe.
Hello Bblader, till now I only have 2 Beys from YT and they seem to perform as they should. As far as I know they are made in the same production places as the TT. If the quality would be poorer, then TT would not agree that YT prints the TT logo on the packages.

Somewhere I read that the TT beys have an RFID chip which can be scanned for the TT app. But this app is in Japanese only. So we buy the YT beys for a dollar less without the unneeded chip Wink
Thanks my friends! I can tell for sure that YT drivers have weaker springs than the TT ones. I have unboxed a Winning Valkyrie a few hours ago (still from YT), volcanic is not as tight as it should be. So yeah, i'll just use TT drivers and that's it Smile
Hmm that sounds desastreous. I will check the paper package of my YT beys. Maybe I can find out if they are produced in Japan, like TT. If  not, then it could be that other parts, e.g. springs, are used in Korea. I fear that those Infosys are printed only in Korean, so we would need a Korean speaking bey fan to help us.

I hope that is not true. I would be sad that I bought YT beys.
There should be no differences as YoungToys is a distributors of TT products.
They simply provide the Korean packaging and removed the NFC chip.

They are made in the same factory(ies) in Vietnam.
I ordered a while back the "B-96 Mugen Infinite Spin Beystadium DX" Set from them. It is made (in Vietnam) by Takara Tomy but labeled for the Korean market. As far as quality goes, I can safely say it's the same TT item just repackaged.