[Answered]  Starting in Beyblade - Storm Spriggan K.U

(Jan. 13, 2017  8:32 AM)Earthjade Wrote: Alright, so the basic layers are the Gen I Beyblade Bursts of 2015 and the Dual Layers are the Gen II Bursts that were released at the same time as the 2016 anime?

If so, are the Gen I basic layers discontinued in Japan and what does Hasbro use for its 2017 release?

Yes, you're correct.

They're discontinued as in no longer releasing Gen I Beyblade Burst, however, they are still being manufactured. Hasbro actually did release Gen I and Gen 2 Burst beys into starter packs and two-packs.  (including the Epic Rivals Set) However, Gen I Burst beys are only included in the single pack. (I may be wrong though) As for 2017, we're expecting more new Beys as they come.
If you would like to see their products for Hasbro, click this link: http://www.hasbro.com/en-us/brands/beyblade
The Hasbro Beyblades just look terrible compared to the Takara Tomy dual layers. I wouldn't want to get any of those for my kids, even if they may play better. These Hasbro Beyblades are just...I can't even...
They didn't even keep the colour schemes which means kids will get confused when they watch the anime and compare their own Beyblades.