[Answered]  Prime Parts

Hello! So I have recently come up with a question i cant seem to find an answer to (From my very limited search).

As we all know, Prime/dash drivers have a better spring making the bey harder to burst. Though when watching some unboxing videos they mentioned a Prime disk. 
Do Prime Disks do anything different than a normal disk or is it just a name for a disk? This just confused me and got me to wonder about it. Sorry if it is a dumb question
despite the ‘ in their name, ‘ disks have normal burst resistance and are instead like “evolutions” to their non ‘ versions.
8’ has more OWD then 8
1’ focuses more metal into the sword point than 1
As leosama stated, they are upgraded versions of the original form of the Disk, in both physical appearance and performance.
1' was the first Dash Disk, which is a heavier and less unbalanced version of the 1 Disk. Basically, it weakens the main gimmick of the Disk in return for some weight.
8' is a lighter and wider version of the 8 Disk. Basically, it grants this Disk more Burst Resistance and Outward Weight Distribution than 8 in return for losing weight.
αero' is a version of the αero Disk that is compatible with Frames and is symmetrical. It's also shorter than most other Core Disks. I don't know if there is a significant weight difference between the original and Dash variants, but they are both too light and rare to be optimal for battle.