[Answered]  Is this bey a fake?

So I was going to buy a screw Capricorn off of eBay, and this looks pretty legit. But the main thing that made me slightly skeptical was that it said that it was being shipped all the way from China. And since China is known for selling fake beys...

This post might make me look dumb, but it's for the best.

The Place Where I Found This Bey:
(May. 07, 2019  1:33 PM)mrvitobeygeek2 Wrote:

It says that it was made by Takara Tomy, so it's a 99% chance it's real. The other 1% is if it's a scam.
The price for the bey is not suspiciously low, the description says it's Takara-Tomy brand, and it's listed as shipping from Taiwan, which is debatably separate from China. As CitrusNinja3 has said, it's almost certainly authentic, but you can buy assured knowing that if it's not, eBay will just refund you for the item.