[Answered]  Good buys for stock combos?

Hi Im a dad recently getting back into beyblades since my kids are getting into it (played and collected back in original beyblade series)

I just bought for myself TT Rage Longinus, Mirage Fafnir and World Spriggan. Are these good stock combos?
all of the are, yes.

*longinus (c o r r e c t e d f o r y o u
(May. 05, 2021  1:13 AM)sushiroll1234 Wrote: all of the are, yes.

*longinus (c o r r e c t e d  f o r  y o u

corrected, thank you
yes Rage and World are very good stock combos, Mirage imo is kinda debatable.
The ring and chassis of mirage are good, but the chip and driver will be parts you would want to change for competitive use
Rage Longinus is the best Stock combo ever.