[Answered]  Beylogger B-10 issue


I don't know if I have posted this in the correct place, but I have an old Beylogger that was sold seperately (Beylogger B-10) and it worked fine on my old Xperia E4 phone until I decided to go on a hiatus with the hobby.

Now, around two weeks ago, I got back into the hobby and since then have been trying to get the Japanese Burst app with what I would consider a success. Problem is, when I put the Beylogger's 3.5mm jack into my new phone, a Xiami Redmi Note 8 Pro, it kept disconnecting and I wasn't able to use it properltly. Is there some kind of problem with the app or the phone I'm using that I don't get a stable connection? 

And, when I got the app for the Xperia and tried it there, I got an error message (which I didn't understand) and didn't get it to work eithee; is that connected to the problem with the Beylogger itself or just the app not supporting the old style of Beyloggers anymore?

All answers are appreciated equally. If the post is in the incorrect place, I am sorry.
Well considering that many phones are removing the headphone jack. But yours still has it. It’s either A: The manufacturer of the phone goofed up when making the 3.5 MM Jack. Or it might be the beylogfer itself
The beylogger is outdated so it must be the beylogger malfunctioning
Considering that headphones work normally with the same kind of jack, I'll conclude it must be a problem with either the jack on the Beylogger itself, or the programming inside it which is a bit less likely since the launch power indicators still work. Either way, thanks for the answers.