[Answered]  Beylauncher Lost Power

Any of you guys know how to fix the beylauncher that has lost power ? 
My Beylauncher LR has the lost power problem thing xd.
Clutch (plastic figure- thing) is probably worn down. Or you have a broken gear inside. Or both.
You can use a replacement clutch from another launcher if thats the issue. Broken gear means broken launcher though.
(Feb. 17, 2019  5:24 AM)HMdestroyMC Wrote: Any of you guys know how to fix the beylauncher that has lost power ? 
My Beylauncher LR has the lost power problem thing xd.

This video can help if the problem is looseness of the white 8 shaped part inside the prong housing which is a common fault

I dipped in boiling water for about 10-15 seconds, instead of hairdryer on both the white 8 shaped piece, as well as its black pie-crust shaped housing. Then like in the video above, bend white piece with plier to make it wider so the little nubs stick out more.  I also used the flat head of a screwdriver to push inwards the pie-crust semi-circles/grooves inside the black housing (also dipped in boiling water), all around, to make those grab the white part’s nubs tighter, so the white piece no longer is loose or moves around/skips.  

You could also use electrical tape to fill in the gaps so the white piece does not move around in the black housing.

These methods are officially not tournament legal though.  

They can actually make the launcher more powerful than new & reduce the white part’s nubs from wearing out.  But with the heat & bend method, sometimes over time the parts may become loose again & need another reshaping, especially if you did not bend them enough.  

Different molds of launchers can have different tightness in the white & black prong parts (usually the better ones have the code like A1 or A2 (vs looser ones that say something like B2 or C1) that u can see on the white part & its black housing).  If you want to stay tournament legal & not fiddle around with heat or electrical tape, U could replace the white 8 shaped part & black prong housing part with tighter ones from another launcher.  I find the normal string launchers especially those made more recently, say early 2018 onwards, for cho-z beys, to have better black prong housings & white 8 shaped parts.  Even most or all fake light launchers from China have surprisingly reliable prongs parts that are usually tighter, but again they would not be allowed for tournament use.

One other thing, if you pull the string slightly upwards at the start when launching, I find it helps reduce pressure on the launcher’s moving parts, for whatever reason.

And in case u or anyone reading this don’t already know, don’t crank the launcher before launching. This of course creates stress/wear on the prong housing & white piece nubs as you are forcing the nubs to rub in & out of their grooves in rapid succession. This also puts outward pressure on the grooves in the black housing so they could gradually bend outwards & further contribute to looseness & skipping.