Announcing Metal Fight 4D (M4D) Format for Ranked Play!

Hello World Bladers!

As the announcement title suggests, there is a new yet familiar format on the horizon for you all! 

In recognition of the extensive testing, large number of tournaments played experimentally, and incredibly positive feedback across the board, the Metal Fight 4D Format (M4D) is ready for Ranked Play effective immediately!

Why is Metal Fight 4D becoming a full-fledged WBO Format?

For Metal Fight enthusiasts this addition likely comes as no surprise, as there has been an increasing demand over the years for a format that could bridge the power gap between the Metal Fight Limited Format and the Metal Fight Standard Format. 

But, for those that are unaware, the 4D era was a hugely popular format, and in its heyday, very well received as it provided us with iconic parts! Wheels like Phantom, Death, Flash, Diablo were some of the big movers and shakers. Unfortunately the 4D era was swiftly followed by the Zero-G and the more Synchrome-focussed meta, where almost all Metal Wheels that preceded it struggled.

What this means is that for many years many of these parts lacked a home as they were simultaneously way too strong for Limited but failed to meet the viability threshold for the Synchrome-dominated Standard Format.

What parts are allowed in the Metal Fight 4D Format? How the Banlist works

Among all our exciting changes recently, there is one very important thing to note when it comes to the M4D Format: as part of the new Ranked Clauses system, we will be trialling an experimental approach to the implementation of Formats.

Rather than having a set Banlist to add and subtract from as we have traditionally done, we will be setting the “entry level” to the format at the specific era it is aimed at encompassing, and then providing “Recommended Clauses” for Organisers to implement.

Essentially, this means the 4D Format Rulebook will only ban Synchrome combinations directly, however, both the Rulebook and Ranked Clauses Guide will advise to include the Clauses outlined. 

These Clauses are in line with the community proposal made by WBO member Cake, and the ones we believe should be the standard for the Metal Fight 4D Format. Here are the recommended Ranked Clauses for M4D that, while are not technically “default”, are WBO’s prescription for experiencing the Format as intended:

Ranked Clauses Guide Wrote:Banlist Variation: Diablo BD145 Ban
  • The following Metal Wheel and Track combination may not be used in this tournament: Diablo BD145
  • Both parts may still be used independently of each other.
Banlist Variation: Duo Ban
  • The following Metal Wheel may not be used in this tournament: Duo (4D)
Banlist Variation: Rubber Defense Flat Ban
  • The following Bottom may not be used in this tournament: RDF
Banlist Variation: Elevator 230 Ban
  • The following Track may not be used in this tournament: E230

You may be wondering why we are taking this approach since it is a meaningful departure from how we’ve done things for decades now. To put it simply, we are experimenting with options of format governance to see what resonates with Organizers and their communities best.

The idea of making the format’s structure subtractive rather than additive means greater flexibility for Organizers as well as hope that the Community’s ‘invisible hand’ leads us to “preferred” ways to play without needing hardline stances from Organized Play. 

This would, of course, be indicated by certain restrictions and bans being more frequently played with over others, even across very different areas and communities.

This approach also allows us a much more flexible take with formats, we could recommend certain Gimmick Legality clauses or even Organizational and Judging Clauses for particular events where this may otherwise not be noticed by players as being different in the Advanced Rulings section of the Rulebook itself. 

Organizers can find the code for all Ranked Clauses in the Organizers Circle thread, however the following is the specific code to implement these rulings in your events - just copy the contents into your proposal thread:

[b]Banlist Variation: Diablo BD145 Ban[/b][list]
[*]The following Metal Wheel and Track combination [b]may not[/b] be used in this tournament: [b]Diablo BD145[/b]
[*][i]Both parts may still be used independently of each other.[/i][/list]
[b]Banlist Variation: Duo Ban[/b][list]
[*]The following Metal Wheel [b]may not[/b] be used in this tournament: [b]Duo (4D)[/b][/list]
[b]Banlist Variation: Rubber Defense Flat Ban[/b][list]
[*]The following Bottom [b]may not[/b] be used in this tournament: [b]RDF[/b][/list]
[b]Banlist Variation: Elevator 230 Ban[/b][list]
[*]The following Track [b]may not[/b] be used in this tournament: [b]E230[/b][/list]

Going forward we intend to implement a more streamlined way to have these clauses automatically included in Metal Fight 4D Event proposals, and tournament proposals as a whole, but we also know the community has been waiting patiently for this format!

Given how long it has been trialled completely on the backs of Organizers since its initial forum proposal, it was only right to allow Bladers to enjoy it Ranked sooner rather than later!

We also understand that this is a new and unfamiliar way to manage the a format, and as mentioned above it is an experimental approach that we will be keeping a close eye on, to determine any trends and its overall reception.

We welcome and consider any and all feedback regarding this new approach to Format/Banlist implementation! Please feel free to reach out at any point with input and insight from your community!

How to Start Hosting M4D Format Tournaments!

If the above intrigues you and you'd like to start putting your old 4D parts to use in-event, you can start hosting M4D Format events immediately! Just take a look at the rulebook linked below and consider the aforementioned Ranked Clauses and whether or not you will be operating with any for that event.

[Image: Nx8ZHIx.png]

Your input is greatly appreciated, especially during times of experimentation and incredible change! If you have any feedback on these particular changes, or any questions or suggestions for further adjustments or additions, please post your thoughts below or in the WBO Organized Play Rules thread

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of WBO Organized Play! We appreciate any and all feedback and are always looking to improve and clarify things where possible.
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