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Don't know if this is allowed, saw it said off-topic. 

However this is my main channel where I do reviews(gaming/anime),unboxings, and vlogs.
Andy HG Channel

Slowly but surely I'm working on a Let's Play Channel which I would like to do a weekly BeyBattle video on it.
(If you have combos for me to battle with please suggest any)
HG Plays Channel

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(for random posts and beyblade pics)

About a year after Sonic Mania was released, does the updated version
Sonic Mania Plus deserve the investment? I'd think so.
Hey can you check out my YT channel? Its got lego beyblades in it and its called ilikedumdum

I subbed to you
And now for something completely different.

Mega Man 8 is a game regarded as a blacksheep for the franchise but is it reallu underrated? 
Let's find out!