Amaterios Layer Draft

The Amaterios layer has 5 downwards protrusions which are made of the PC plastic, and have a design on top of them made of the ABS caul. The Amaterios layer was designed for Upper Attack, but the protrusions are too crowded to have use in Upper Attack, and are also not steep enough. The outside does not have enough form to be effective in Smash Attack. Because of it's pentagon-like shape, the layer has poor Stamina and has not yet been found to have any use in top tier combinations
Well, I have found it to be rather good against Wyvern, I think because the protrusions face a completely different direction. I do not know if we necessarily know enough about it yet to write it off as bad at everything ?
(Dec. 05, 2015  8:39 PM)Hato Wrote: and should not be used in any combos.

If it were me I would definitely have this changed to something more along the lines of "and has not yet been found to have any use in top tier combinations."

The sentence as it is now is very "closed" and final. Burst is still in it's infancy and is constantly changing. I think the information provided on the wiki should reflect that.