Adults and beyblades

Hey everyone, listen I have a serious question.
You see I remember playing beyblades when I was around 5 and that was 16 years ago. And then again many years later and I still really like them.
My question is. Is it OK for someone that's 21 years old to play with beyblades and enter competitions? Also is there other adults that enjoy playing?
I'm 27 and there are many members here in there 20's and over. It's definitely okay. Smile Beyblade is a well-designed game with timeless appeal. It's one of our goals to communicate this to new players of ALL AGES.

Welcome to the WBO!
Hello, Welcome to the WBO
I myself am 21 years old and I play Beyblade as long it is not against any moral/state law and as long as I am not doing something illegal, I find no reason not to Grin

Have a good time here
Welcome to the WBO! I hope that there are some events going on near you, check here to find out:

I actually, played beyblade for the first time when I was 22 and have loved it ever since. I was suprised and ecstatic a year ago when I found the WBO, found out that there were tournaments in my area, and that people of all ages were welcomed. Now I've played in 11 tournaments and made a lot of new friends ranging from 5y/o kids - 30something y/o adults, and they all love beyblade just as much as I do. This is an awesome place, you'll love it. Grin
Yeah, man. Everyone I know who plays Beyblade is technically an adult. I do agree that the creators make the toys and TV show and whatever for kids; but the game itself it timeless.
Yeah man, don't worry. Beyblade is such an intricate and fun game I would be surprised if it DIDN'T attract any older players. It's just that much fun. Anyone I know that has made fun of the game/me playing immediately changed their minds once they actually played the game.
What do the young whippersnappers say now-a-days, YOLO, or something right?

: }
Lol yall are right i really appreciate it. I just cant fond anyone to play it with you know except my wife that is.
I'm in my early 30's. I'm the old lady here.

Gotta go sit in bed with all my cats and watch Murder, She Wrote now...
I turn 20 this year so I suppose I get to join the old peoples' club. Damn, and I joined this site when I was 13...
(Mar. 23, 2016  7:12 AM)Wizard Wrote: I turn 20 this year so I suppose I get to join the old peoples' club. Damn, and I joined this site when I was 13...

I created OtC when I was 14. Speechless
(Mar. 23, 2016  3:06 PM)Bey Brad Wrote:
(Mar. 23, 2016  7:12 AM)Wizard Wrote: I turn 20 this year so I suppose I get to join the old peoples' club. Damn, and I joined this site when I was 13...

I created OtC when I was 14. Speechless

If it helps, it's been almost 10 years since you started BeyWiki.
Agreed it is perfectly okay. They are so cool. Smile I'm in my 20s also.
...don't mind me, I'm just looking for my beyblade-tooled walking stick here...
Im glad that older people are into beyblades and it's not just me. Smile
I love beyblade alot to I have been beybladeing since 2002 when I was 12 years old I am turning 26 on may 18 this year. you are never to old to love beyblade you can love beyblade at any age me I am going to love beyblade even when I reach my dad's age he is 64
im 19 , beyblade is a sport and a hobby, its something any one can enjoy
I'm 29 but i still the love show for childhood nostalgia and because a few other things i won't elaborate lol
you'd be surprised how old some of us are. it's all good.
I'm a happy and excited 26 year old Blader just getting into the game this year!!
I think it's absolutely okay to play Beyblade at any age.

I do find that I'm sore after every tournament though. Not quite the young whippersnapper I once was I guess.
Well I'm still 16 but I know that in just a short time I'll technically be an adult. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it still makes me feel sort of sad inside, wasting my time doing other things rather than enjoying Beyblade while I still young, it's just not the same when you're older. Of course, I'm still at the center of my "career" if you will, there are still plenty of opportunities for tournaments and... enjoying Beyblade. There is still time. Just less time than there was before. I don't want to lose interest. I won't let it die.
Urgh, jeez. Check this guy in the video out. Here is a grown man, making a 20 minute video in a desperate attempt to justify his love of spinning tops. It's sad really. What it shows is that there are a good number of people out there who are so insecure as children, they think they can't just do whatever they want as adults. And they're probably taught that lesson by adults with the same problem. But the whole point of being an adult is that you do what you want!

Somebody should tell this guy about the WBO.

Beyblade, people see it as childs kids game, I see it as a science of sorts. The power of Physics, Force, Exertion, and centrifugal force as i would say..
Personally I see it as a sport a real sport and not just a hobby, if blading could be my life and i'd get paid, I might even choose it over my art and animation lool. Oh yeah I'm practically 27 now, not too long haha.
I probably dont belong in this thread ( because im 12 and all...) but lemme just say that ive met lots of people that are in to blading and their well over their 20s...