[Adelaide, Australia] An Aussie get together in early 2010 anyone?


~Thanks Khel for putting this in the right topic~

I was thinking this could be on the Sunday after the BEYBLAZE tourney. Is that could enough for people?

Who ever can make it to Adelaide
a little word of warning January can be pretty warm... usually not much rain.

SO who ever makes it here - what we could do is spend most time at the beach.
Playing Beach Cricket/Soccer or Volleyball - if its too hot for that we spend most of the time in the water. Smile
If we could... a little tourney (what are the chances of 8-9 people coming?) I have an idea for the prizes..

FIRST - SECOND - THIRD = A free lunch/dinner at the watermark resturant (ALL YOU CAN EAT!)
and maybe for everyone else who tried - some money (not alot) unless you wont some of my toys from my room XD
(I wouldn't hold your breath) the reason for prize money is so you can get what you want from a store without arguements. Joyful_2

Okay heres a few problems - If people are flying into Adelaide by the airport. It would take awhile to get to the beach and I live inbetween the two; a fair distance away. You could get a bus to the beach or a taxi (will cost more) - or if its early in the morning the night before the meeting I could try and meet you at the airport.

Also Thomas - YoungBladerAxle - lives near IKEA (Furniture anyone? Haha Just kidding) and the airport.. don't ya Tom?

If the get together is on the weekend or my friend Bowen is still on his work holiday we could drive around in his car (If i get permission) although if me and him are in the car - we can only fit 3 more people in - 4 if you wanna be in the truck. (KIDDING!) It would probably be driving to Watermark resturant.

Nice I hope a tournament can come to fruition. Also I'll move this to the right forum.
This sounds good Joyful_3 Just make sure it's not on the 9th xD
beybattling on the beach sounds sweet
except when sand gets into your blades and they die
although i might be able to come as long as plane tickets are cheap
Sounds good, I've talked to my parents about it and they've said yes if the plane tickets are cheap. I hope I can also organize a tournament in Sydney but also be able to go yours. And I may as well bring a friend with me.
Raykon, also try and make it to the upcoming Melbourne tournament on the 9th of January, since you missed out on BEY STORM, this time round we have plenty of bladers who are competing.
I'll check it out now. I think I'll be able to go, seeming as it's the holidays for me. Hopefully this will make it up for me not being able to go Wink
Thanks Khel.. Joyful_2
Omega we'll see.. XD
Robsta it wonted be on the sand Wink
Hope you can come Raykon Eee

If we are having a tournament... I have the best idea for prizes. Cute

Just keep discussing people I really want this thing to happen.. I'll make it as fun as possible. Smile
Editted 1st post.. read it... and yeah. Grin
:o! I just found out that my family and I are going to be in Adelaide from December 28 - January 3! But that would be the only time I could be in Adelaide so it would be awesome if the tournament was held then.
hey when you say the sunday after the beyblaze tourny do you mean the 10th or the 17th?
comin back from holidays on the 22nd and I don't think I can change that because I already postponed it so I could make beyblaze
however all the time besides 10th to 22nd im free ill look up plane tickets now
I'm not sure that I can make it to this one Uncertain As I'm probably going down to Melbourne for the Melbourne tournament.
I was thinking the 16th or 17th. I dont want the get together to be to close to the bey blaze tourney.. yet i don't want it to be close to when people go back to school either. Eee

Omega we could do something when you come here. you said you were going to Glenelg right? Watermark is in Glenelg. Joyful_2

Aww you sure Raykon? Unhappy lol
Yep I'll be there from December 28 - January 3. I'll look up and PM the Adelaide members to see if we can meet Joyful_3
I think theres only me and Tom (YoungBladerAxle) Joyful_2
There is also Ultimate Blader and his friend. There could be more, I haven't updated my Australian Bladers list in about 2 months.
Ahh i see... cool.

So whos coming?
If it's not from December 28 - Jan 3, I can't make it. Sorry. Unhappy
Well thats why I opened this thread to discuss a time and other stuff for the day(s) thats hopefully good for everyone. Smile
im wondering if anyone could start a tourney in sydney around the sutherlans shire or mabey liverpool
I would start a tourney but I have no idea how to run one... a get together sounds less scary to me XD
and I cant make it to Sydney anyway Unhappy
[/size]can u do a tounoment plzzzz Pinching_eyes_2Dj - Disappointed ... like a beach battle ill envite friends if wanted??? and i need a date[size=large]
I am fairly sure someone is actually hosting a tournament in Adelaide ... but it has yet to be accepted by the WBO.