What an amazing journey this has been since I started forming our great community here in British Columbia. To think we are on our 3rd tournament now with a 4th and 5th and 6th lined up in the next few months. My first outing into this arena felt fraught even with all my preparations.
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I felt trying to manage my kids and the tournament was too much for me. So this time I had child care arranged for my youngest daughter so I could commit more fully to the event. I had taken all my notes from my previous tournament and player feedback to help improve on this tournament. I found that the tournament definitely improved with the changes and my new organizational approach.

The tournament size was the largest I had helped manage thus far, I felt quite apprehensive about expanding my player base but felt that it was necessary for me to challenge myself and our team. Everyone was so enthusiastic and helpful!

[Image: rE8Ocwx.jpg]We have been fortunate to have such wonderful space available to us here in our community. The location is easy to access via transit and has all the amenities required for our tournaments. The staff is super helpful with arranging tables and chairs for everyone as well as giving us additional equipment. They even have great foam mats for us to utilize for our stadiums. 

The floors are clean, the area is brightly lit and spacious. It is quite a treat to have such a place at our disposal. but it does require booking far in advance. As it is a closed space we can ensure the safety and control of the environment for our players and their families. 
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The Tournament

It was such a great turnout! We had 18 players show up to our tournament with their families and friends.We had so many  new faces! We had set up a free play area off to the side which consisted of a B-174 stadium, Decagon stadium, B-183. When not in tournament play, many of the players and their respective guests played off to the side while waiting for their matches to be called. 
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Our Challonge master and Co-host was KIO so our matches were organized and smooth. We had 2 non-blader judges to ensure proper game flow and rotated judging for the other stadiums among our senior team members. Throughout the tournament I changed beyblades on a whim and enjoyed each surprising encounter. I had quite a good variety of matches throughout the day and found each bout fairly exciting. I went 2-3 during our swiss matches.

My focus this time around was more on the management side of the tournament and being able to play was the bonus. I managed to record the matches on video which I was unable to do at my first tournament, which was something I regretted as I had intended to that day.

The finals were exciting as each player decided to mash Guiltys against each other;which was great for my eyes as the other top 4 matches were spamina battles.

Overall the tournament was a success, and through it we have gained new members to our discord chat area and further expanded our community. I have even acquired another judge in training to further smooth out our next big standard tournament. Overall a successful endeavor! Thank you to all our team members for helping with set up and judging!
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