APRIL FOOLS: MF-F Flame Kronos 105JSB (Limited Format V2.0)

::MF-F Flame Kronos 105JSB::

EDIT: April Fools! - Limited Format V2.0 was a joke, though the tests and pretty much everything I said with regards to how certain parts or setups performed were legitimate (or for the latter, accurate to the best of my knowledge). Happy April 1st, everyone.

This combination is one of a few I have been playing around with for the new Limited Format V2.0 – if you haven't seen it yet, here's the announcement thread: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Limited-...ormat-v2-0

I'll try to have a couple more threads up soon to help people get a first look at the new incarnation of my favourite format - in something I'm dubbing 'Awesome April'. This combo is first because I need to get a couple more tests done with the others before I felt ready to post them up, so let's get on with the first combo thread for Limited Format V2.0!

It's a mostly defense/stamina balance custom, based around Jog Sharp Ball, a tip I've had some success with in the previous incarnation of Limited, focussing on using its balanced attributes and destabilising abilities to handle a wide range of opponents.

Part Explanations:
Flame is an interesting inclusion as it is not without its uses in the failed initial version of Limited, however this was almost entirely with tracks which are no longer present (though Flame F230 could be interesting). I used a middle-of-the-road one weightwise for fairness (and because I almost think we may want to look at a weight-based limitation on some parts including flame in future).
Kronos: Kronos has a decent distribution and solid enough weight while still being legal in Limited Format V2.0, as well as some destabilising slopes which help this combination against some opponents.
105: The lowest track legal in limited, I went for this because of the tip choice and overall aim.
JSB: JSB is a tip I'm quite fond of in regular limited, it just needed a little more balance, as it isn't awful at taking hits and its stamina is acceptable. It has been hurt by the loss of the low tracks and most suitable overhanging wheels but it still works well on flame.

I wanted to get this up quickly so I don't have 20 round tests against everything I wanted (I had some advanced notice however I have been very busy lately. I'll try to get the rest done in the coming days!)
All testing in a BB-10, using lubricated Light Launcher 2's (power basically the same as a beylauncher, maybe very slightly lower), and done according to standard procedure.

Vs Attack:
MF-F Flame Kronos 105JSB vs MF-F Sagittario 105Q
Detailed Results (Click to View)
Flame: 12/20 = 60% (8KO, 4OS)
Sagittario: 8/20 = 40% (All KO)

Q took some getting used to - harsh banking works best and even I'm still struggling but that is just a representation of how skill-focussed this format is – many of the best parts are very hard to use - so my results might be a little low but generally speaking Flame 105JSB succeeds at exploiting the effects of the format's lack of rubber attack bottoms as I hoped it would, which also shows Sagittario is perhaps not as great a threat as I had thought it would be!

Vs Defense:
MF-F Flame Kronos 105JSB vs MF-F Grand Serpent C145WB
Detailed Results (Click to View)
Flame: 8/10 = 80% (1KO, 7OS)
Grand: 2/10 = 20% (2KO)
I want to do more of these, but the basic gist is that Grand has to go for the KO, it does seem flame means SB has less defense than I hoped but overall it's still an extremely difficult task for Grand, which is easily outspun.

Vs Stamina:
MF-F Flame Kronos 105JSB vs MF-F Flame Sagittario 105EDS
Detailed Results (Click to View)
JSB: 8/10 = 80% (2KO, 6OS)
EDS: 2/10 = 20% (Both OS)
The trick here is to bank really harsh and this demonstrates the combination's ability to destabilise the opponent. Only ten rounds which again isn't ideal for an 80/20 split, but the two losses were really just a result of poor banking on my behalf.

I definitely think others should test this, but make sure you've actually sat down and really got to grips with it, because I spent probably more time than I should have (given some IRL stuff) testing this and want to make sure people realise how neat this combo is.

So there you go, the first Limited Format V2.0 Testing Thread, a neat little combo, a new month, and a new beginning for Limited! DJ - Fab!
This isn't as good as my Waterfall combination, MSF-F Orojya SA165Q, but these test results are definitely great to see! I think this will place in GBT2 for sure!
I'm afraid SA165 is still on the banlist and I do wonder if Orojya being used by itself was the intention of those rules - as I said in the other thread to me it reads more like the exception for Orojya is just symbolic as the parts needed to use it are still banned, but then I could be wrong.

Well, I have always thought JSB was a legitimately good part on low tracks for a little extra defense compared to the D-series tips (it's actually a bit more stable with parts that were previously available to it), so I'm glad to see it finally find a place - just another wish fulfilled on this wonderful day. I was honestly a bit surprised by the EDS results but that is exactly how it played out - but then I guess that's probably why EDS is still legal, it never was that stable a tip.
Oh no, I was mixed up. I have done some more tests, and Mad Orso M145JSB seems to put up better numbers. More tests to come.
Test with stock Poison Serpent please, I doubt this will stand a chance.
Ehh, as much as the format is focussed on poison and that combination is specifically legal I'm not sure it's really cut out for SD, though there's a definite cool factor to the combo I'm really trying to test things I think will actually work in the format. That said I can't test it right now because people in my house are asleep, so I could certainly be wrong - this format is very unpredictable, after all.
Why'd you use Q on Sag.? IIRC WSF is legal and might do a bit better IMO

(Apr. 01, 2014  6:34 PM)Dual Wrote: Oh no, I was mixed up. I have done some more tests, and Mad Orso M145JSB seems to put up better numbers. More tests to come.

Not sure if joking, but I doubt Light Wheels will do well in this format.
I don't own a WSF - I keep hearing different things about it so I've held off. Anyway I opted for Q because it was the most aggressive thing that I'd actually managed to get it to pass through the centre and KO stuff in the past (I have a history of getting bored and trying out things people would laugh at - Limited Format V2.0 turns that into an advantage!), or at least it did so better than the other options - F/HF just generally have never worked offensively for me and there is GF but with how hard that thing is to keep in the ring I figure it's not a good choice for testing.

I actually had some luck with M145ES (I know it sounds silly, but I've mentioned it once or twice, S tips seem to generally be the best choices for using M145 because they result in more controllable aggression) at least compared to Q against something else I was testing against that I really think is too strong (I will post the thread soon, though I didn't have time to get anywhere near the amount of testing I wanted done), so that could be worth looking into, however I suspect it is probably going to be a bit too tall to work well against 105 heights.

RE: Light Wheel discussion they do have that useful handicap thing for using them so it could by all means work out quite nicely. Personally I'd be inclined to use Heat but I don't think we have actual weights on them so I'm not sure.
I haven't actually tested Mad, I was being sarcastic due to skepticism. But after reading through this and messing around with some parts, I'm all for this combo!

Please excuse my previous ignorance.
I actually prefer Heat over Mad, seeing as the light weight and smooth design of Heat were just made for Stamina. The 1-0 boost over opponents for using a Light Wheel should always be taken into account when building a combo.