A not-so-small BD145 + Synchrom problem

Okay, this is something that we need to make a ruling on now because I'm already noticing this resulting in some broken combos.

When you use BD145 with a Synchrom combo, you can raise the disk of BD145 higher than normal because of the space between the disk and the wheels. This moves the teeth up enough such that Reviser Reviser BD145WD does not scrape.

The obvious answer is to not let people do this, as it's obviously unintentional. However, there is another problem that complicates matters: whenever you use a Synchrom + BD145 combo, the disk naturally raises as high as it can go.

Okay, that's not a big deal, we just need to tell people to always make sure the BD145 disk is as low as it can be before each launch. HOWEVER:

Because the change happens during a fight, you can launch customs like Reviser Reviser BD145WD straight and the disk will naturally move upward, and then the custom will not scrape.

So, since it happens naturally during a fight, should we allow it (and, thus, allow discussion of combos that depend on it like BD145WD)?
Unless it becomes overpowered, I have no issue with it. It's not like there's any way to prevent it from occuring without banning Synchrom+BD145 which is not something I'd do over a small issue like this.
I mean, yeah, basically the only way to stop this from happening would be to ban that combo which would not be good. I'm totally cool with this being okay; I just wanted confirmation before I start testing stuff like MSF-H Reviser Dragooon BD145EWD (which is stupid good btw).
I have yet to try it out with Synchrome wheels but I do believe Libra has a similar issue. Some allowance is found between the MW and BD.

Actual results is actually more disastrous than advantageous because it rapidly loses spin due to the imbalance. One side would tilt up, the other tilt down after contact. I dont think it would actually "lock" itself when you push it all the way up..
I know what you're saying about the imbalance, but on Sychroms the disk shifts upward naturally without tilting, and thus is still balanced.