A few looks at an attempt to create a remastered Tornado Attack Stadium

Some people may know that myself and a few others have been working to create a reproduction/remaster of the Tornado Attack Stadium from the Plastics era.  The Tornado Attack Stadium (TA) is an excellent stadium with the major flaw of being extremely fragile.  It has also become quite rare and expansive.  It is my hope that we can come up with a more affordable and readily available option for people who would like to try playing Beyblade in the Tornado Attack Stadium.  I compiled the testing videos I have made on current iteration of the repro TA in this thread.  These videos are not here to suggest that this stadium will be approved for official WBO play.  This is a passion project, and I am simply sharing our progress and what I am seeing.  

The mold for the “Shin TA”

“Shin TA Prototype” testing 

Stress Test:

Shin TA 74lb Stress test


Shin TA: Guilty Stress Test (featuring Dread Vertical)


Comparison to Original Tornado Attack:

Shin TA compared to TA (MFC)


Shin TA: Some MFB stalling


Shin TA compared to TA: DGB


Shin TA compared to TA: SG Metal Flat Base


Shin TA play testing with Plastics:

Shin TA: Roller Def Ring.10H.Circle Survivor vs Manta.WD.DGB with HMC


Shin TA: PLA Deck Match Type Play Test (AR and Tip no repeat only) #1


Shin TA: PLA Deck Match Type Play Test (AR and Tip no repeat only) #2


Shin TA: PLA Deck Match Type Play Test (Ar and Tip no repeat only) #3-unable to complete….


Shin TA play testing with HMS:

Shin TA: GFCUV vs BC


Shin TA: GFC test spin and 1 round against God Ring BC2


Shin TA: Samurai Upper.CWD Defense Ring.GFCUV vs. Adv Attacker CWD Defense Ring.GFCUV


Shin TA: Adv Att.CWD Def Ring.GFCUV vs Circle 
Upper.CW.BC (both left spin)


Shin TA: (left) Samurai Upp.CWD God Ring.BC2 vs (right) Samurai Upp.CWD Def Ring.GFCUV


Shin TA test battles: Circle Upper.GCF vs opposite spin soft launched Adv Survivor.BC


Shin TA: HMS Deck Match Type Play Test


Shin TA play testing with Metal Fight Limited: 

Shin TA: MF Screw Uranus LW105RF vs MF-H Jade Horogium 85RSF


Shin TA: MF Screw Uranus LW105RF vs MF Flame Cancer 230 CS


Shin TA: MF Screw Uranus LW105RF vs MF-L Earth Sagittario II B:D


Shin TA:  MFL deck match type play test #1


Shin TA:  MFL deck match type play test #2


Shin TA:  MFL deck match type play test #3


Shin TA:  MFL deck match type play test #4


Shin TA play testing with Metal Fight Standard:

Shin TA: Killerken Dragoon BD145RDF vs MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang H145RF


Shin TA: MSF-H Wyvang Dragoon BD145RDF vs MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang H145RF


Shin TA play testing with Burst classic:

Shin TA in Burst Classic: V2.H.X’ vs O.H.R


Shin TA play testing with Burst Limited:

Shin TA: Driger V2.Tp(Hasbro).Br’ vs (LC)hK.7D.X’


Shin TA play testing with Burst GT:

Shin TA: (MCC)CΣ.Almight 1S (D gear) vs ZD.10R.X’


Shin TA play testing with Burst Standard:

Shin TA: GLN.Fr.X’-2 vs VBH.Ov.Br’-0


There also has been a few unranked events that have experimented with the Shin TA:

MFL Battles with Shindog’s Repro Stadium

Beyblade East 2022 Day 0-HMS

SwiftMFB’s testing videos

This weekend I was also able to play with the prototype a bit and it is fantastic. The ridge is higher then the bb10, but it allows you to launch attack significantly harder. The walls being short also allow for upper attack to be a serious threat for mfb. Overall this stadium is great, and as a primarily mfb player I think we could all adapt to using this as the standard mfb stadium over the bb-10. People might complain It’s too different but honestly I think people need to learn to adapt and improve. Bb10s are very uncommon and expensive, so if this stadium has good accessibility I think it should be considered for official ranked play.
The behaviour looks exactly like the original, super pumped man!
This was a lot of fun to play in at BeyBlade East! It was nice to have a plastics era stadium not be torn to shreds haha
Added a few videos to the OP by SwiftMFB with permission.
I have had access to this iteration of the Tornado Attack Reproduction for quite some time, I'm sorry for sitting on recording it in action for so long. Here is my comparison video where I swap between one of my damaged TAs and the RA. You'll notice that the two are indistinguishable in terms of gameplay. I used a variety of competitive combos so that one can see that regardless of what you put in there, the results and behaviours are identical.
The mold used to create this stadium:


Added to the OP
So my Shin TA’s came in and I’ve tested a lot both solo and with Cakes brother Basalt spam so I feel like I can leave my thoughts here! This stadium is good. The actual quality and overall finish is extremely uniform and has better qc then official TT bb-10 stadiums (I have gotten multiple new). The ridge of course was what I was most interested in since it is significantly taller and more defined then the bb10 ridge, and I’ll also note that I believe It’s also taller then the burst standard type ridge though it could just be more defined. The walls are also like half the height of bb10 walls which I absolutely love.

Bearing Drive is good in this stadium, and much better here then in the bb10. While the BD can hit the ridge and be safe, with extremely short walls wall saves aren’t always “wall saves” I am able to ko BD over the wall quite a bit. With that being said, that goes for everything haha. The ridge is taller for sure, but you are able to launch attack extremely hard in this stadium without self ko’ing yourself. This is another thing both basalt spam and I loved about this as attack feels much much safer, and might I say that R2F is very good as the ridge can handle the pure speed boost. And like I said earlier, wall saves are not always “wall saves.” It’s super great using attack and hitting your opponent into the wall so hard that they go over the wall… feels extremely rewarding.

Metal flat works very well since It’s so tall, though the amount of stamina you get with the stall is reduced due to the ridge being more taller causing more friction on MF during the stall. In bb10 I can get bakushin 85 MF to outstall flame 230 cs, but in TA I cannot and that seems to be the case with others as well. CF/GCF do not work, and when I tested gravity on cf It scraped then self ko’d like every time.

BD145 Scrapes a bit sort of how it does in the Burst standard type stadium, but it is still very very useable! Certain low hanging things however like leone, bakushin, and possible gravity struggle now on 85 track as I’ve noticed significantly more scraping that just doesn’t happen in bb10, but honestly It’s not a big deal as you can bump up to 90/100.

I’ve heard mfb is the slowest format compared to other systems as other systems Rubber flats have a wider base and move way faster which is why the stronger ridge is needed. This had me thinking if R2F would actually benefit in the taller ride as R2F moves a bit faster then RF and now we have a ridge that is very difficult to self ko in. It works great haha. Very happy as now I have a use for R2F moving it from garbage tier to A tier imo.

This stadium is abs plastic and is VERY strong and will most likely stretch and dent before it cracks! I would highly recommend stacking 2+ of them together when playing as it makes it feel substantially stronger. I did read that abs has a lower uv tolerance compared to pvc (bb10 plastic) so just don’t leave it in the sun and you should be good.

Overall I genuinely like the strong ridge as it makes attack feel significantly safer, but doesn’t make attack OP as everything balances out. Defense/ stamina is a little stronger due to ridge, but shorter walls make interesting things happen. Seriously guys we can adapt to this I promise. Basalt spam and I had an absolute blast playing multiple formats in it last night!

Overall I’d like to thank Shindog, Dan, Angry Face, Th!nk, and anybody that was a part of making this project a reality for the competitive community! We definitely don’t deserve this stadium, but I accept it and love it whole heartedly so thank you guys!
I’ve been looking to get one of these for a minute now, from what I’ve seen they’re exactly what I’m looking for in a TA type of stadium! Whether they’re legal or not I’ve gotta have one! All bladers passion!
(Nov. 07, 2022  5:24 AM)SwashBlader Wrote: I’ve been looking to get one of these for a minute now, from what I’ve seen they’re exactly what I’m looking for in a TA type of stadium! Whether they’re legal or not I’ve gotta have one! All bladers passion!

Do you know where to get one because the holidays are near
Yea i really want one as they look amazing but ive been looking everywhere and i cant find a link for it either
(Nov. 07, 2022  5:24 AM)SwashBlader Wrote: I’ve been looking to get one of these for a minute now, from what I’ve seen they’re exactly what I’m looking for in a TA type of stadium! Whether they’re legal or not I’ve gotta have one! All bladers passion!