A Word Of Thanks for Staff

Hello all WBO staff, i would like to thank all of you for, first creating the amasing site for us bladers, and second for holding beybladeing events around the world, and i think manny fello bladers would agree to what im saying here, in other words, Thank You for all you do.

EDIT:this thred is for notes to staff to give thanks, no spam will be permitted and keep it nice, no bad things about staff! If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it!!!
dude i opened a thread like it earlier also and i also created this to thank staff for whatever they have done for blading but sorry to say this thread will become a place full of spams the same happened with my thread so u must also add something more to this thread so that people don't spam here Smile
Noted and edited the origanal post, thank you for warning me
but still people'd spam but then we could report it as it would defy the rules for this facility B)
That's off topic.

The WBO committee are always helpful, kind but can be serious and strict when they want to.
Awesome job staff! This site is completely awesome! This site with you guys, is like the world without waffles.
And seeing how much I like waffles, that is a huge compliment, rofl.