A Hobby League

Well i was thinking how with yu gi oh some people run and organise hobby leagues which they play in shops some weekends what if we did the same with MFB for the kids when theyre realsed into english countrys.it could bring bladers who dont know each other together and start building a larger comunity,just woundering what you all think about that idea
Isn't this the entire basis of the WBO?
I think he is looking less at the tourney style stuff we do and more at the kinda get togethers you might do with friends... This would build more of a stronger community, instead of just a larger one
yeah like not so much torneys if youve played in a yu gi oh hobby league its more about learning diffrent stragtages and ways of playing the game then actully wining i just reckon itll be a good way to help the kids who will be playing MFB learn some stratages and make new freinds while doing it
Well, we love to organize events like this as well. However, it's just not feasible with the low penetration rate of MFB. It's something we're definitely looking into for 2011.
ohk then well if it gets big in my country would it be ok if i fundone just in my local area?
(Aug. 02, 2009  9:40 PM)heero yuy Wrote: ohk then well if it gets big in my country would it be ok if i fundone just in my local area?

You can do it now if you really think you could get a turnout.
Yup theres a store that does the yu gi oh hobby league ive spoken to them in the past about MFB and they said if i organised things i could hold MFB events there once theyre realsed over hear hopefully ill be able to do it
well never a bad time to start planning... especially if the hobby leagues could be used as a way to lessen the strain on the WBO's funds.

I'm thinking that hobby leagues could use money out of their pockets, get some prizes and such for a few small, non ranked tournys, and get more members into the WBO. This could then lead to hobby leagues hosting local ranked, WBO Tournys and charge the Tourny fee then. Of course that comes with the issue of having enough money in ones pocket to run a small tourny.
The problem is that hobby stores can't really afford to sell MFB at this point. Which is why I think waiting till 2011 would be a better idea.
Yeah they even said that the store sells alot of anime and comic related stuff aswell as alot of manga and card games they did sell the plastic gen beyblades there and i know the guys who work there pretty well and they always wanted to do it,i realy dont mind paying for the cost of runing the torney cause i always have money i dont realy need from working and what not,yeah and localy ranked torneys would be something good it would keep players intrested more thats what i found made alot of people pretty much stop blading with the plastics there was no torneys and nothing was realy happening they didnt realy have motivation and this might help motivate people to keep playing :]
but yeah it just depends when shops start selling them
anyway what do you guys think of this?
If people down here get interested next year, I'd be willing to do it.
I'm willing to set stuff up now if I could. but the local intrest in blading seems to vary so much from day to day!
yeah thats like me if more people were aware that there is a new series of beyblades and watched it they would all be pumped like me,i got my freind back into it the other day i had to buy him a MFB tho >.>
Our gaming club was supposedly stoked bout it when fragbait brought it up, but none of us ever keep in touch with each other...
Yeah most my freinds were pumped like around december last year we were playing with fakes we got for 2bucks doing weird stuff like trying to shoot across rivers and what not but yeah ive showen a few of them the new anime they seem keen but they just dont have jobs so cant aford then atm ill probley just get them some or something,but i know most of them will be keen to join on here once they get mfbs
Ideally, it'd be brilliant if hobby shops ran tournaments in the same way that they do for Pokemon, and Magic for gathering (and to some extent, the Japanese WBBA), that were open to any age range, and run on a weekly basis.
What the chances are of this happening un the UK, I don't know, and it's unlikely that Hasbro would support something like this.
Just oragnise it yourself go to toy shops and hobbie shops and arporch them and ask if they would be intrested in leting us run a hobby league or weekly torneys there but i see it being more for the younger and new plays so us older players can teach them diffrent stratagies and shooting teqnies but hey who knows what will end up happening.And hasbro would be kinda stupid for not supporting something like this or the WBO we're the ones buying the product and organiseing stuff for players which leads to more of the product being sold so they are making more money and its always about money to these big companys