A-44 Beyblade MagneStadium Rough Draft

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Intially, I did think that'd be the way to do it but linking from the series article now seems a much better method than having a bunch of "relevant links" at the bottom of yours.
The stadiums do appear to be breifly touched on within the series article so I reckon it's just a little nderdeveloped in that area, not an intentional ommission.
Yes, even I checked that.
Actually, when I first read the Magnecore Article, I thought of removing the "Gimmick Analysis" section from this Draft, as most of the details highlighting the "specialty" of the Magnecore system had been given there...
However, it was because the section was underdeveloped back then.
Now, with the addition of the "Patterns of Arrangement", the section is of significant value, haha!

I need to learn to take the measurements of a stadium, though. I probably do not have the equipment required to do so, but lets hope there's an "easier way out". Tongue_out
I think *Ginga* would be the best person to consult. He got a Face for being an active participant in the "Measurement Freaks Project".
I'd PM him now.
Ah well, sorry for double-posting but after reading a few posts in other Wiki-related threads, it seems like we are in need of completed articles.
As of now, it has seemed like this draft lacks only the "Dimensions" category, something which I haven't been able to put up due to certain complexities involved. :\

Meanwhile, I would like to know if there is anything else that would be required for this draft. I am also waiting for any corrections that may be necessary.
So well, I would appreciate any help from the community to make this draft better. Smile