5 Things you want to do before you die

^ Oh god, his contradicting posts.are.instant.material.to.die.about.
And yes, I'm about to die thanks to you, Karl.
Do forgive a dying dame if ever you thought I was arguing with you...but I'm not soooo~

...and gee, I haven't written my Last Will and Testament yet but does it have to matter? XD
1. Defy gravity
2. Have at least one child
3. Become famous for something
4.Punch Justin Beiber and get away with it
5. play the ultimate free roam video game
1.Learn Japanese
2.Work for Nintendo
3.Meet Shigeru Miyamoto
4.Get married and have kids
5.Become rich & famous
6.Own every beyblade related item.
LOL!!! i did NOT see that i accidentally said i was purposly mini modding! sry, my comp hates me!!!!
but hey! looks like people got a good laugh, am i right?
1- Become a great drawing artist like my mother.
2- Become a great GFXer.
3- Travel to Japan and spend more than a month there!
4- Get married and have a family ~
5- Collect all the rare beyblades, take a picture of them, and add it to the album of memories!
1. After college, probably go to professional art classes or school to become a professional artist.
2. Learn Talalog language again, along with Japanese.
3. After making big bucks I'll go to Japan change the currency to yen and purchase Beyblades, Pokemon, anime DVDs, PC visual novels; perhaps meet Oki, AkirasDaddy, and if possibly meet the man himself Kantaro Tomiyama.
4. Get married and have a family.
5. Hope to see a space ship (Star Trek style!) leave Earth and explore the universe, or at least see space with the stars and seeing our Earth before I'm gone.
(Jul. 08, 2011  5:43 AM)Sasukia Wrote: Things I would do?

1: Own every BeyBlade in existence.
2. Have 2 kids (Girl & Boy).
3. Smack Kai-V in the face.
4. Have a mansion & and a cool car.
5. Get every blader in the world and beat them all!
the 3rd one is good!
I need to,
1-Become a great GFX'er!
2-Have a Family
3-Meet my GFX friends
4-Punch Synth !
5-Delete C:\WINDOWS\system32
1- Become a moderator for the WBO (Preferably media section))
2- become bey rank #1
3- Own nationsbeyblade in an official match
4- Get/start a famalam (Family)
5- To write the 5 things I won't to do before I die

Dat's it for me... I have high expectations for myself :L
1) Finish writing something...like a nanowrimo.
2)Become published.
3)Either decide I don't hate my job and find a way to make it amazing, or go back to school to become something better/helpful to society.
4)Get involved in something geeky and not have a negative reaction because of my gender.
5)Learn how to train dogs. Grin
1. Sky dive
2. Push kyoyatategami down a flight of stairs
3. Learn hindi
4. Go to space
5. Visit the Nile River and Heruseus there
In no order:

Have a Family.
Visit one of my favorite countries (Japan, US, Canada or China.)
Get really close to a wild animal (at a zoo of course.)

I'm sure there is more, but really I can't think of any other things that would be amazing to right down on things I want to do before I die.
1. Make a computer from scratch
2. Make a hologram from scratch
3. Have a family
4. Be a #1 Blader
5. Invent the Starship Enterprise
6. Be a super saiyen
1. Be the yu-gi-oh world champion
2. Be a successful game designer
3. Get on the empire state building and yell "DON'T ASK ABOUT THE PANCAKES!!!"
4. Win $10,000,000 USD
5. Be the Beyblade world champion
Not sure if i posted here before but..
1. Be in a curious george episode XD
2. Adopt a kid.
3. Become a successful author and photographer.
4. Become pokemon world champion.
5. Become a decent blader (aka top 50 at least).
(Jul. 08, 2011  6:14 AM)Raigeko13 Wrote: 5 things I want to do before I die? Easy.
1. Become a famous entrepreneur. Since I'm still in my youth, I want to focus things around kids my age (10-18- even all ages) If Beyblades do actually die sometime soon, I want to try to bring them back, with a whole new system. Even bring back plastics, and sell beigomas to show what the original is based off of, and to make kids somewhat learn the history of beyblade.
2. Well, I'd like to become a long time standing member here, and become well known across the beyblade community! I'm shooting for 2k posts right now as it is Grin
3. Fall in love with someone who shares a lot of the same interests as I do.
4. Learn to create graphic media - like work for big companies or something and make really cool designs and stuff that they use to advertise!
5. Learn how to program computers/games, maybe make this tie into #1 and use #4 as a backup kind of plan throughout my life! Family though thinks I'm gonna be some hotshot football player one day, which I DON'T want to be...

Hey MegaBlader9, wanna switch with me? XD

i like what u wrote but im srry but its a little to long for this Q
1. Beat all Kingdom Hearts Games
2.Go to school looking like a real zombie
4.Meet some famous people
5.Find out if Aliens are real o.o
1.) Go to ten tournaments (Or more)
2.) Go skydiving
3.) Go to japan
4.) Be a special member or Moderater on the wbo
5.) Be able to dunk
1. Say B***h Please to my Grandma
2. Meet Ke$ha, Cher Lloyd & Selena Gomez
3. Have 2 Kids (twins, boys)
4. Get a Piercing of some sort
5. Go to Japan!
Wow so many people have beyblade related things they want to do before they die. Heres my list
1.Get married and have a family
2.Learn how to draw like my awesome art teacher
3.Write a book
4.Have a good job
5.Go to Japan
1. Throw a toy at Justin Bieber
2. Become ruler of the WORLD
3. Milk a cow?
4. Eat chicken -DONE
5. Do the Ka me ha me ha
1.Meet Ryuzaki and Echizen
2.Have a katana Fight with Ryuzaki
3.Go to Japan or UK
4.graduate college
5.have a family
This is what I gotta do!

1. Go to the Nether Lands or Japan
2. Get over a million subscribers
3. Have a happy long lasting family! Smile
4. Go to Mars or the Moon.
5. Go Sky Diving!
(Dec. 05, 2012  3:12 AM)Dual Wrote: Not sure if i posted here before but..
1. Be in a curious george episode XD
2. Adopt a kid.
3. Become a successful author and photographer.
4. Become pokemon world champion.
5. Become a decent blader (aka top 50 at least).
Daheck was wrong with me? XD

New and improved list:
1. Major in Social Psychology (preferably at Northwestern).
2. Be in a band.
3. Visit Australia.
4. Minor in music theory.
5. Eat a whole pizza in one sitting.